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13 Days, 13 Razorbacks – Day 10: Savannah Voelzke

13 Days, 13 Razorbacks – Day 10: Savannah Voelzke
Day 10 (Wednesday, May 29): Sophomore OH Savannah Voelzke
This is the 10th feature in a series titled #13Days13Razorbacks in which one volleyball student-athlete per day will be highlighted during the team’s two-week European tour (May 20-June 1). Visit the #EuroHogs central page for continued coverage of Arkansas’ four-country stay which includes stops in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Today’s feature highlights sophomore Savannah Voelzke.
Q: Have you been able to cross any countries off your travel bucket list during the trip?
Savannah Voelzke: I’ve always thought about going to an ocean or someplace like the Bahamas. I had never really looked at pictures of Europe before but once I got over here it was really cool and these countries should have been on my bucket list.
Q: What’s the biggest difference between volleyball in the United States and Europe?
Voelzke: During this trip, we had to get used to a different warm up and some of the international players’ approaches and arm swings are just different than what we’ve seen before. It can take you by surprise.
Q: Based on a recent karaoke performance, how much is singing/dancing part of the team’s chemistry?
Voelzke: Every day we’re singing in the locker room while we’re getting ready for practice. It’s just random but we’re always dancing and singing or playing music. It’s become a ritual before practice and matches and now it’s just something we’re used to doing.
Q: As the trip nears its end, what are you starting to miss about home?
Voelzke: Definitely family and understanding the language of people talking around you. It’s weird not knowing what other people are saying all the time. You can also miss how comfortable it is to know everything back home, there’s no feeling of the unknown.
Q: What did you learn most over the course of your freshman year at Arkansas?
Voelzke: You definitely have to find good friends and keep them close. My teammates are who I’m hanging out with the most so it’s good that we have a good group of girls that get along outside of volleyball, too. School wise, college can be hard but you have to take your time to do your work and study hall hours help a lot.
Q: Did you always plan to play at same school as brother Alex (football)? Or was it just a happy coincidence?
Voelzke: Alex and I have always been close but things just happened that way. My club coach played for Robby with Team USA and she loved him and told me good things about him. It just so happened that I also loved (Arkansas) plus I was coming to some of the games and seeing them play. It’s definitely good to have him here but it wasn’t the only reason I decided to come to Arkansas.
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