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13 Days, 13 Razorbacks – Day 13: Summer Morgan

13 Days, 13 Razorbacks – Day 13: Summer Morgan
Day 13 (Sunday, June 1): Junior MB Summer Morgan
This is the 13th and final feature in a series titled #13Days13Razorbacks in which one volleyball student-athlete per day will be highlighted during the team’s two-week European tour (May 20-June 1). Visit the #EuroHogs central page for continued coverage of Arkansas’ four-country stay which includes stops in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Today’s feature highlights junior Summer Morgan.
Q: Based on your expectations heading into the trip, what surprised you most about Europe?
Summer Morgan: The most surprising the thing was all the walking we had to do just because that’s something we’re not used to over here with our cars. The culture is just so different. Not being able to run through a drive-thru to pick up something to eat is different. Not having ice for your drinks with a meal is different. It just makes you realize the good things we have here that are taken for granted sometimes.
Q: Was this your first trip outside of the United States?
Morgan: I’ve been to Canada before but that’s nothing like going overseas.
Q: What is a benefit of being around your teammates for 13 days in a row?
Morgan: I think being around each other for two weeks straight and being where we were really helped us bond as a team. You get to see all sides of a person when you’re together that long but it was good because we’re so close.
Q: What was it like interacting with the teams from Italy, Croatia and China?
Morgan: It was a really cool experience. It was difficult trying to communicate with some of the players that didn’t speak English but that was went you had to dig deep and use your other resources to figure out the common things to start a conversation. It was a good way to experience different languages and cultures.
Q: How did you handle the language barrier throughout the trip?
Morgan: Having to learn five new words and facts each day about where we were really helped. A lot of the words I learned were specific to starting a conversation like ‘what is your name?’ Just knowing the basics helped a lot but then again if we had wi-fi, we could just look it up on the internet.
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