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#13Days13Razorbacks, Day 2: Danielle Harbin

#13Days13Razorbacks, Day 2: Danielle Harbin
Day 2 (Wednesday, May 21): Sophomore MB/OH Danielle Harbin
This is the second feature in a series titled #13Days13Razorbacks in which one volleyball student-athlete per day will be highlighted during the team’s two-week European tour (May 20-June 1). Visit the #EuroHogs central page for continued coverage of Arkansas’ four-country stay which includes stops in Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and the Czech Republic. Today’s feature highlights sophomore Danielle Harbin.
Q: How did you handle all the travel Tuesday and Wednesday? What was your sleep strategy? Danielle Harbin: I didn’t really have a strategy with sleep. I just wanted to get all my stuff packed and not go to sleep before we left (Tuesday at 2 a.m.) but then I slept on the bus all the way (to Dallas), then half of the first plane trip (from DFW to New York) and none of the second plane ride (from New York to Milan).
Q: Is this your first trip out of the United States? If not, where else have you been? Harbin: No, I’ve been to Canada. I went to British Columbia with my mom for a conference she had at work.
Q: What have been your impressions of Milan so far? Harbin: It’s picturesque but there’s the real side of the city, too. You see all the things from the movies that are cool but then you see things like graffiti on some of the wall or the traffic where people actually honk at each other so you get everything.
Q: After a long day of travel, what was it like closing the first day in Europe with a match against Club Italia. Harbin: As soon as we started playing, being tired totally left my mind because (playing volleyball) is something I love to do. I was thinking ‘we finally get to play which is something we can all do together’ and as the match went on, we got better.
Q: Word is you’re a bookworm, how long has reading been a big interest for you? Harbin: My mom is a big reader and I’m actually named after (author) Danielle Steel which is pretty ironic. My mom was reading so I would start reading, too. I would run out of my books for my age group so I would read some of my mom’s books and fell in love with it.
Q: Is there a particular genre of book you prefer to read or does it change? Harbin: I like old-time romance novels, maybe some mystery and the author James Patterson. When I finish a book, I need time to recover from the ending. I’m the reader that takes what happens and put it into reality.
Q: What was the biggest adjustment for you during your freshman year at Arkansas? Harbin: Filling the shoes we were left with as freshmen. We had six seniors graduate (in 2012) so Ray (Santos) had big shoes to fill, Emily (Helm) had big shoes to fill. This year, we only have one senior (Meredith Hays) so someone has to fill the shoes around her, too. Monica is doing her part at libero but we can’t have just one person stepping up. Somebody else had to step up and I just decided it was my turn.
Q: Tomorrow’s #13Days13Razorbacks feature will focus on Sophie Bethke. How have you seen her transition since joining the program early in January? Harbin: I think it hit her and Shelby (Harper) hard at first with adjusting to school. But they adjusted really fast because they were able to go through spring practice with us. That was a big help because they had to think ‘I’m not in high school anymore, this is college.’
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