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2005 Gymnastics He Said She Said

2005 Gymnastics He Said She Said

He Said, She Said

He Said, She Said is a continuing diary from the Coaches Cook. Find out what’s going on with the team on an ongoing basis.

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April 5, 2005NCAA Regionals

Rene talks to team.

Wow, our last two meets of the regular season were something else. Great competitions! One of the biggest successes from these meets was the enjoyment the team showed and felt on the floor. This team is quite special; it is always satisfying to see them embrace the competition, flourish during it, and feel the great sense of accomplishment from competing TOGETHER.All of us here are pretty thrilled with our current position. It was a huge goal of this team to end the season in the top 18 and to be seeded nationally. Well, one goal accomplished!

Sophomores Rachel and Cassie.

We are excited to head to New Hampshire, and hopeful of the possibilities that lie in front of us. We know it will be hard fought meet by all teams, but we embrace the challenge, trust in our preparation, and let the chips fall where they may. Again, an amazing opportunity for our young program.The reason I am so hopeful is because this team may not have the most talent at our Regional meet, but I do know they have the most passion; the most desire; the most fun. We will probably have a few surprises at Regionals, especially on vaulting. It was heartbreaking to all of us to lose Audra to a broken foot right before SECs. However, her teammates are stepping up! I must admit, even I am amazed.So to New Hampshire we go, to our next challenge and adventure. I believe in our team, even more than ever. So let’s go Rock the House!Woo…Pig…Sooie….Kick….Some….Bootie!!!

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