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2010-11 Razorback Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

2010-11 Razorback Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee for 2010-11 at the University of Arkansas includes one representative from each of the 19 sports sponsored by the Razorback Athletic Department. The SAAC advocates for student-athletes within the athletics department and directs community service and other projects on behalf of the Razorbacks.

The members of the Razorback SAAC Executive Board for 2010-11 are:

President Amanda Caldwell Softball
Vice President Camille Flores Soccer
Secretary Britni Williams Soccer
SEC Representative Terry Prentice Men’s Track and Field
SEC Representative Gina Bargiachi Swimming and Diving

The members of the Razorback SAAC for 2010-11 are:

Name Sport Year
James McCann Baseball JR
DJ Baxendale Baseball SO
Delvon Johnson Men’s Basketball SR
Jemal Farmer Men’s Basketball SR
Julie Inman Women’s Basketball JR
Erin Gatling Women’s Basketball JR
Elton Ford Football JR
Travis Swanson Football SO
Joe Doramus Men’s Golf SO
Will Pearson Men’s Golf FR
Victoria Vela Women’s Golf SO
Corinna Rees Women’s Golf SR
Michelle Stout Gymnastics SR
Jaime Pisani Gymnastics JR
Camille Flores Soccer SR
Britni Williams Soccer SR
Amanda Caldwell Softball SR
Tori Mort Softball JR
Gina Bargiachi Swimming & Diving SR
Courtney O’Grady Swimming & Diving JR
Matt Walters Men’s Tennis JR
Chris Nott Men’s Tennis SR
Emily Carbone Women’s Tennis JR
Lane Boyer Men’s Track & XC SR
Terry Prentice Men’s Track & XC JR
Whitney Jones Women’s Track & XC JR
Stephanie Brown Women’s Track & XC SO
Kelli Stipanovich Volleyball JR
Jasmine Norton Volleyball SO

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