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2011 Arkansas Hall of Honor Inductee

2011 Arkansas Hall of Honor Inductee

This is the seventh in a series of features on the 2011 University of Arkansas Sports Hall of Honor inductees.

Pat Serret was a tennis player for the University of Arkansas men’s tennis team from 1981 to 1984. During those years, he not only won the first and only NCAA Championship in Razorback tennis, but became one of Arkansas’ greatest all-around players and arguably the greatest doubles player the school has ever seen. “Pat was an awesome talent,” said current Razorback men’s head coach Robert Cox. “He left opponents in awe with his raw tennis ability as well as anyone that ever saw him play.” Serret along with his playing partner, Peter Doohan, were four-time All-Americans and became the only duo to ever accomplish that feat in Razorback history. However, Serret’s play did not stop at doubles as he was also a very accomplished singles player, earning All-American status in 1982. “He was just an awesome sportsman,” Cox said. “He was afan favorite and carried himself in a way that made him respected by teammates and opponents alike.” During his freshman campaign, Serret, a native of Australia, posted the highest single season winning percentage in school history with a 25-2 record (.926). Overall in singles, he finished with 90 wins which ranks 8th overall in Razorback history. Serret, nicknamed “The Cat” for his quick reflexes, earned his crowning achievement with the 1982 NCAA doubles title along with Doohan, a year after placing as runners-up. Over those four years, Serret compiled a 97-34 doubles record, which is only one behind Tim Crichton for the school’s all-time mark. “He was a true winner for the Razorbacks,” said Serret’s assistant coach at the time Greg Fess. “To come from Australia and embrace the Razorback spirit as quickly as he did made it a pleasure to coach him. He brought passion and ambition to the team and that helped them stay in the Top 10 during those years that he played.” NCAA Champions 1982 Peter Doohan & Pat Serret (Doubles) Southwest Conference Doubles Champions NO. 1 Peter Doohan & Ron Hightower (1980) Peter Doohan & Pat Serret (1983) Kelly Evernden & Pat Serret (1984) Career Singles Victories 124 Marcus Hilbert (124-46) 1991-94 117 Ron Hightower (117-16) 1977-80 104 Adrians Zguns (104-45) 2002-06 101 Oskar Johansson (101-48)1998-2001 98 Blake Strode (98-48) 2006-09 94 Cha Hoon Im (94-36) 1988-91 93 Jose Lambert (93-31) 1980-83 90 Pat Serret (90-40) 1981-84 89 Tim Siegel (89-35) 1983-86 Career Doubles Victories 98 Tim Crichton (98-46) 1994-98 97 Pat Serret (97-34) 1981-84 96 Peter Doohan (96-27) 1980-83 90 Jose Lambert (90-29) 1980-83 Singles Winning Percentage Single Season .926 Pat Serret (25-2) 1981 .921 Marcus Hilpert (47-4) 1994 .884 Ron Hightower (38-5) 1980 Doubles Winning Percentage Single Season .966 Brian Sakey (28-1) 1974 .966 Mike Vogl (28-1) 1974 .857 Peter Doohan (30-5) 1980 .842 Ron Hightower (32-6) 1980 .840 Peter Doohan (21-4) 1981 .821 Pat Serret (23-5) 1981 Career .780 Peter Doohan (96-27) 1980-83 .762 Kelly Evernden (74-23) 1982-84 .756 Jose Lambert (90-29) 1980-83 .740 Pat Serret (97-34) 1981-84 .725 John McConnell (58-22) 1991-93

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