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43 Academic Champions highlight fall honor roll

43 Academic Champions highlight fall honor roll

FAYETTEVILLE — The University of Arkansas Athletics Department had 233 student-athletes earn a 3.00 grade point average or higher, with 43 4.00s posted for the 2011 fall academic semester. Women’s cross country, track and field led the Academic Champions with 4.00 GPAs with 13 selections while men’s cross country, track and field and football paced the teams above the 3.00 line with 30 and 26 honorees, respectively. “Congratulations to the more than 230 Razorback student-athletes who are part of the fall academic honor roll,” Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Jeff Long said. “We are proud of not only our 43 Academic Champions, but also those student-athletes who worked to achieve personal bests in the classroom. Their hard work and dedication resulted in an overall GPA of 3.059 for the fall semester. These results further demonstrate our student-athletes’ continued progress in academic achievement and advancement toward graduation.” The Razorback Academic Champions saw 16 of 19 teams represented, led by the women’s cross country, track and field teams with 13 student-athletes with 4.00s. Swimming and diving was second with six selections followed by soccer with five, softball with four and volleyball and men’s cross country, track and field with three. Baseball, gymnastics and men’s golf each had two and men’s basketball, football and women’s golf had one. This year’s Academic Champions include Amanda Anderson (volleyball), Callie Authier (soccer), Michaela Bauer (women’s track/cross country), Lane Boyer (men’s track & field), Tera Bradham (swimming/diving), Rachel Carpino (women’s track /cross country), Katelin Cherry (women’s track/cross country), Tara Diebold (women’s track/cross country), Joseph Doramus (men’s golf), Kyle Dunn (men’s track/cross country), Eric Fisher (baseball), Kaitlin Flattmann (women’s track /cross country), Brooke Fournier (volleyball), Jayme Gee (softball), Kikko Haydar (men’s basketball), Kasey Heckelman (volleyball), Aubrey Hertzler (swimming/diving), Kirsten Hesseltine (women’s track/cross country), Grace Heymsfield (women’s track/cross country), Sarah Howard (swimming/diving), Linnea Ketcher (softball), Lisa Lunkenheimer (swimming/diving), Davis McElroy (football), Hope McLemore (softball), William Meason (men’s golf), Victoria Mort (softball), Courtney O’Grady (swimming/diving), Evan Palmer (soccer), Corinne Parkins (soccer), Dane Phillips (baseball), Jamie Pisani (gymnastics), Andrew Pisechko (men’s track & field), Margaret Power (soccer), Genevieve Salvatore (gymnastics), Kaylee Smith (women’s track/cross country), Tina Sutej (women’s track/cross country), Chelsea Tidwell (soccer), Emily Tubert (women’s golf), Kelsea Vance (swimming/diving), Alexa Vessell (women’s track/cross country), Dawn Weir (women’s track/cross country), Rachel Werner (women’s track/cross country),
Keri Wood (women’s track/cross country). The fall semester finished with 83 student-athletes on the Athletic Director’s List for grades ranging from 3.50-3.99. Razorback swimming and diving led the way with 12 selections followed by 11 each for soccer and men’s cross country, track and field. One hundred seven student-athletes earned selection to the Athletic Department Honor Roll with grades ranging from 3.00-3.49. Football paced the selections with 19 followed by 16 from men’s cross country, track and field and 13 from baseball.
2011 Arkansas Fall Semester Honor Roll 4.00 Academic Champion — 43

Amanda Anderson Volleyball
Callie Authier Soccer
Michaela Bauer Women’s Track/Cross Country
Lane Boyer Men’s Track & Field
Tera Bradham Swimming/Diving
Rachel Carpino Women’s Track /Cross Country
Katelin Cherry Women’s Track/Cross Country
Tara Diebold Women’s Track/Cross Country
Joseph Doramus Men’s Golf
Kyle Dunn Men’s Track/Cross Country
Eric Fisher Baseball
Kaitlin Flattmann Women’s Track /Cross Country
Brooke Fournier Volleyball
Jayme Gee Softball
Kikko Haydar Men’s Basketball
Kasey Heckelman Volleyball
Aubrey Hertzler Swimming/Diving
Kirsten Hesseltine Women’s Track/Cross Country
Grace Heymsfield Women’s Track/Cross Country
Sarah Howard Swimming/Diving
Linnea Ketcher Softball
Lisa Lunkenheimer Swimming/Diving
Davis McElroy Football
Hope McLemore Softball
William Meason Men’s Golf
Victoria Mort Softball
Courtney O’Grady Swimming/Diving
Evan Palmer Soccer
Corinne Parkins Soccer
Dane Phillips Baseball
Jamie Pisani Gymnastics
Andrew Pisechko Men’s Track & Field
Margaret Power Soccer
Genevieve Salvatore Gymnastics
Kaylee Smith Women’s Track/Cross Country
Tina Sutej Women’s Track/Cross Country
Chelsea Tidwell Soccer
Emily Tubert Women’s Golf
Kelsea Vance Swimming/Diving
Alexa Vessell Women’s Track/Cross Country
Dawn Weir Women’s Track/Cross Country
Rachel Werner Women’s Track/Cross Country
Keri Wood Women’s Track/Cross Country

3.50 — 3.99 Athletics Director’s List-83

Allison Allen Soccer
Alyssa Bass Softball
Joey Bailey Women’s Basketball
Calli Berna Women’s Basketball
Elizabeth Braun Swimming/Diving
Dylan Breeding Football
Nicholas Brewer Football
Liana Bugslag Swimming/Diving
Emily Carbone Women’s Tennis
Tom Cattin Masson Men’s Track/Cross Country
Allie Chandler Soccer
Austin Cook Men’s Golf
Caleb Cross Men’s Track/Cross Country
Dylan Cruz Football
Nicole Daniels Swimming/Diving
Margo Davis Soccer
George Eberhardt Men’s Track/Cross Country
Chelsea Franklin Swimming/Diving
Nathaniel Franks Men’s Track/Cross Country
Erin Gatling Women’s Basketball
Amanda Geile Softball
Regina George Women’s Track/Cross Country
Kristen Gillespie Women’s Track/Cross Country
Scott Gillespie Men’s Track/Cross Country
Laurie Gingras Women’s Tennis
Jessie Givens Soccer
Aaron Hamilton Men’s Track/Cross Country
Charles Henderson Men’s Basketball
Mariah Howdeshell Gymnastics
Brittany Hudson Soccer
Kendall Jordan Soccer
Lauren Kegley Women’s Track/Cross Country
Marci King Volleyball
Shannon Klenke Women’s Track/Cross Country
Anton Kokorin Men’s Track/Cross Country
Zachary Kovach Men’s Track/Cross Country
Julia Kucherich Swimming/Diving
Bethany Labac Soccer
Lauren Locklear Soccer
Kat Lukomskaya Women’s Tennis
Ashley Martindale Softball
Molly Milborn Swimming/Diving
Jacob Morris Baseball
Kesha Naylor Swimming/Diving
Caitlin Noonan Women’s Track/Cross Country
Michael Nott Men’s Tennis
Danielle Nowell Women’s Track/Cross Country
Daniella O’Shea Soccer
Clarissa Pavey Volleyball
Megan Pearson Softball
William Pearson Men’s Golf
Andrew Pennington Men’s Track/Cross Country
Tobias Pettersson Men’s Golf
Wilson Pfeiffer Baseball
Duncan Phillips Men’s Track/Cross Country
Diane Robison Women’s Track/Cross Country
Jessica Robison Softball
Alex Roman-House Swimming/Diving
C’eira Ricketts Women’s Basketball
Shelby Salmon Gymnastics
Amanda Siebert Gymnastics
Dominique Scott Women’s Track/Cross Country
Rickey Scott Men’s Basketball
Kate Singleton Soccer
Haley Smith Swimming/Diving
Stuart Sparks Men’s Track/Cross Country
Joseph Spoon Baseball
Amanda Summerford Softball
Sigrun Sverrisdottir Swimming/Diving
Austin Tate Football
Brad Taylor Football
Taylor Temple Swimming/Diving
Peter Thomason Men’s Tennis
Victoria Vela Women’s Golf
Alez Voelzke Football
Devon Wallace Softball
Matthew Walters Men’s Tennis
Elizabeth Whitbeck Swimming/Diving
Charmaine Whitmore Volleyball
Kendal Winston Soccer
Jon Woodcock Baseball
Megan Zimlich Women’s Track/Cross Country
Bailee Zumwalde Gymnastics

3.00 — 3.49 Razorback Honor Roll-107

Makeba Alcide Women’s Track/Cross Country
Brandon Allen Football
Kailey Anders Soccer
Brian Anderson Baseball
Seth Armbrust Football
Kyle Atkins Baseball
Nii Ayi Men’s Track/Cross Country
Douglas Baxendale Baseball
Alivia Bavier Swimming/Diving
Jake Bequette Football
Bo Bigham Baseball
E. Martine Borge Women’s Track/Cross Country
Allison Boyle Swimming/Diving
Sierra Bronkey Softball
Brian Buehner Football
Sean Burnette Football
Alex Cacciarelli Football
Stephani Canizaro Gymnastics
Sebastian Cappelen Men’s Golf
Alex Chaffin Men’s Track/Cross Country
Mike Chinchar Men’s Track/Cross Country
Paola Cigui Women’s Tennis
Ciarasue Clampitt Softball
Morgan Clark Softball
Chelsea Cohen Softball
Brey Cook Football
Kaylyn Cooper Soccer
Kolton Crawford Men’s Golf
Alan D’Appollonio Football
Trent Daniel Baseball
Kimberly Dobbins Volleyball
Cameron Efurd Men’s Track/Cross Country
Brede Ellingsen Men’s Track/Cross Country
Richard Elliott Men’s Track/Cross Country
Josh Eure Men’s Golf
Courtney Falco Women’s Track/Cross Country
Halmon Fess Men’s Tennis
R. Trey Flowers Football
Jennifer Fryrear Soccer
Akheem Gauntlett Men’s Track/Cross Country
Cali George Women’s Track/Cross Country
Dwayne Golbek Men’s Track/Cross Country
Rebecca Gordon Women’s Track/Cross Country
Andrew Gorton Football
Chris Gragg Football
Taylor Green Soccer
Blake Gunderson Football
Michael Gunn Baseball
Solomon Haile Men’s Track/Cross Country
Lyndsay Harris Women’s Basketball
M. Forbes Harris Football
Taj Harrison Men’s Tennis
Victor Hoang Men’s Tennis
D. Price Holmes Football
Justin Holmes Men’s Track/Cross Country
Courtney Hubbard Swimming/Diving
Jessica Jackson Women’s Track/Cross Country
Hunter Jarvis Football
Manfred Jeske Men’s Tennis
Tiffanie Johnson Women’s Track/Cross Country
Noah Kittelson Men’s Track/Cross Country
Samantha Kolbas Gymnastics
Hayley Koop Volleyball
Luke Laird Men’s Track/Cross Country
Emma Lavy Women’s Golf
Kevin Lazas Men’s Track/Cross Country
Hally Ledbetter Women’s Golf
Gregoire Lehmann Men’s Tennis
Anthony Leighio Men’s Track/Cross Country
Kelci Lewis Gymnastics
Mitchell Loewen Football
Cade Lynch Baseball
Gregory Milhorn Baseball
Catherine Parenteau Women’s Tennis
Jovan Parlic Men’s Tennis
Claudine Paulson Women’s Tennis
Hailey Pescatore Soccer
Emily Podzielinski Women’s Golf
Haley Pratt Soccer
Devin Randall Men’s Track/Cross Country
Madeline Reese Softball
Meagan Roberts Women’s Golf
Stephanie Roy Women’s Tennis
Jillienne Schilling Swimming/Diving
Joseph Serrano Baseball
Landon Simpson Baseball
Davion Spivey Men’s Basketball
Alexandra Starrett Soccer
Kelli Stipanovich Volleyball
Elizabeth Stratton Soccer
Andrea Sullivan Softball
Travis Swanson Football
Logan Taylor Baseball
Alison Templin Swimming/Diving
Matthew Thompson Men’s Basketball
Samantha Thompson Women’s Track/Cross Country
Sevannah Vekas Swimming/Diving
R. Matt Vinson Baseball
Ariel Voskamp Women’s Track/Cross Country
Ronald Watkins Football
Katherine Whitbeck Swimming/Diving
Brett Wilburn Baseball
Scarlett Williams Gymnastics
Samantha Wolf Soccer
Jeff Woods Men’s Track/Cross Country
Jarius Wright Football
Nikolas Zogaj Men’s Tennis

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