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80s Day is a hit!

80s Day is a hit!

80’s Spirit Day
    Our fan vote for Spirit Day ended up in a win for the 80’s Day theme. The Gym’Backs definitely went all out for the fun filled event.
    The most fun part about Spirit Day is the camaraderie the team builds while just getting in costume! For 80’s Day there was a lot of blue eye shadow and crazy ponytails. Former Gym’Back and our new Director of Operations Samantha Cortez helped in applying all the eye make-up! While the ponytails were fun, I (René) was definitely voted Best Bangs! I told the team it helped having several years of experience in creating 80’s bangs.
In addition, there were several 80’s music mixes that kept up the energy during workout.
    Everyone is really pushing herself to increase consistency in our routines as well as improving our execution. After all there are only 11 more workouts until our next intra-squad on Sunday November 23rd. In this intra-squad we will warm-up and compete similar to competition. The intensity will increase and it will be judge. We are definitely ready for the challenge! We will look forward to posting video and commentary on the event.
    Until then…






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