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2014 Liz Murphey Afternoon Match Results

Athletic Communications
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2014 Liz Murphey Collegiate Classic

University of Georgia Golf Course

Athens, Ga.

Saturday Afternoon Match Play Results


Red Bracket Results

Southern Cal 3, NC State 1

Arkansas 3, Mississippi State 2

Auburn 3, Northwestern 0

Alabama vs. Denver is 2-2, to be finished Sunday am


Black Bracket Results

Michigan State def. Iowa State, 3-1

Texas A&M def. Troy, 3-1

Indiana def. Georgetown, 3-0

Georgia def. Daytona State, 3-0


Red Bracket Agate

Southern Cal 3, NC State 1

Victoria Morgan, USC, def. Ana Menendez, NC State, 3-and-2

Lindsay McGetrick, NC State, def. Gabby Then, USC, 3-and-2

Karen Chung, USC, def. Vivian Tsui, NC State, 3-and-2

Doris Chen, USC, def. Augusta James, NC State, 4-and-2

Brittany Marchand, NC State, vs. Kyung Kim, USC, DNF


Auburn 3, Northwestern 0

Victoria Trapani, Auburn, def. Kacie Komoto, Northwestern, 2-and-1

Diana Fernandez, Auburn, def. Suchaya Tangkamolprasert, Northwestern, 4-and-3

Clara Baena, Auburn, def. Hana Lee, Northwestern, 3-and-2

Kaitlin Park, Northwestern, vs. Alex Harrell, Auburn, DNF

Elizabeth Szokol, Northwestern, vs. Marta Sanz, Auburn, DNF


Arkansas 3, Mississippi State 2

Regina Plascenia, Arkansas, def. Mary Langdon Gallagher, Miss. St., 3-and-1

Ji Eun Baik, Miss. St., def. Emmy Lavy, Arkansas, 1-up

Rica Tse, Miss. St., def. Summer Roachell, Arkansas, 4-and-2

Emily Tubert, Arkansas, def. Ally McDonald, Miss. St., 2-and-1

Gaby Lopez, Arkansas, def. Jessica Peng, Miss. St., 1-up


Alabama 2, Denver 2 (UNFINISHED)

Mia Landegren, Alabama, def. Isabel Southard, Denver, 4-and-2

Hannah Collier, Alabama, def. Jessica Carty, Denver, 4-and-3

Mariell Bruun, Denver, def. Daniela Lendl, Alabama, 1-up

Elyse Smidinger, Denver, leads Janie Jackson, Alabama, 1-up through 17

Tonje Daffinrud, Denver, def. Stephanie Meadow, Alabama, 3-and-2


Black Bracket Agate

Michigan State 3, Iowa State 1

Liz Nagel, Mich. St., def. Carmen Vidau, Iowa St., 4-and-3

Christine Meier, Mich. St., def. Cajsa Persson, Iowa St., 6-and-5

Prima Thammaraks, Iowa St., def. Trisha Witherby, Mich. St., 7-and-6

Kelly Grassel, Mich. St., def. Chonlada Chayanun, Iowa St., 5-and-4

Allyssa Ferrell, Mich. St., vs. Sasikarn On-iam, Iowa St., DNF


Indiana 3, Georgetown 0

Ana Sanjuan, Indiana, def. Alice Choi, Georgetown, 7-and-5

Sarah Dusman, Indiana, def. Elizabeth DiVincentis, Georgetown, 2-and-1

Maria Mancini, Indiana, def. Jenny Xiao, Georgetown,  2-and-1

Mackenzie Boydston, Georgetown, vs. Elizabeth Tong, Indiana, DNF

Patricia Lee, Georgetown, vs. Kamryn Klawitter, Indiana, DNF


Texas A&M 3, Troy 1

Bianca Fabrizio, Texas A&M, def. Taylor McGraw, Troy, 6-and-5

Becca Horner, Troy, def. Chelsea Mocio, Texas A&M, 3-and-2

Natalie Reeves, Texas A&M, def. Langley Vannoy, Troy, 3-and-2

Brooke Spinks, Troy, vs. Marijosse Navarro, Texas A&M, DNF

Katerina Ruzickova, Texas A&M, def. Fatima Cano, Troy, 5-and-4


Georgia 3, Daytona State 0

Amelia Hill, Georgia, def. Courtney Cobb, Daytona St., 2-up

Amira Alexander, Georgia, def. Whitney Stevenson, Daytona St., 4-and-3

Sammi Lee, Georgia, def. Mary Dawson, Daytona St., 3-and-2

Harang Lee, Georgia, vs. So Young Hwang, Daytona St., DNF

Manuela Carbajo Ré, Georgia, vs. Tiffany Chen, Daytona St., DNF


More Golf - Women
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