Office of Student-Athlete Success

Academic Support and Student-Athlete Development

Office of Student-Athlete Success
Office of Student-Athlete Success Phone: 479-575-5456
Name Position Contact
Eric A. Wood Associate AD - Student Athlete Services Email 479-575-4424 Twitter Account
Felecia Saine Director of Academics (W Basketball, W Tennis, Volleyball) Email 479-575-4026  
Ragean Hill Director of Academics (Football)
Email 479-575-6410  
Dr. Charles Small
Director of Student-Athlete Development Email 479-575-4782  
Justin Johnson Associate Director of Academics (M Basketball, W. Golf)
Email 479-575-2834  
Tamesha Greenlee Assistant Director of Academics (M Track & Field, Gymnastics, Soccer) Email 479-575-8483  
Chris Johnson Assistant Director of Academics (Football, M. Golf) Email 479-575-2417  
Christine Scheets Lead Learning Specialist Email 479-575-6202  
Lauren Hansen Academic Counselor/Tutor Coordinator (Softball, Swimming & Diving) Email 479-575-7997  
Rodger Hunter Student-Athlete Development Coordinator Email 479-575-4056  
JL Jennings Academic Counselor (Football, M. Tennis) Email 479-575-6630  
Sue Moore Eligibility Coordinator  Email 479-575-4673  
TBA Career Development Coordinator Email 479-575-2418  
James Pulido
Academic Counselor (Baseball, W. Track & Field) Email 479-575-5654  
Ellen Otis Learning Specialist Email    
Richard Smith Learning Specialist Email 479-575-6202  
Kandace Cross Graduate Assistant - Academics (Gymnastics, M. Track and Field, Soccer) Email 479-575-5456  
Erin Cousins Graduate Learning Specialist Email 479-575-5456  
Kelsey Lovell Graduate Assistant - Academics (Softball, Swimming,  and Diving), Tutor Coordinator Email 479-575-5456  
Ashley Weiler Graduate Assistant - Academics (Baseball, W. Track and Field) Email 479-575-5456  
Bailey Swyden Graduate Assistant - Student Athlete Development Email 479-575-5456  
Jeff Woods Graduate Assistant - Academics (Football, M. Tennis) Email 479-575-5456  
Dana Posey Graduate Assistant - Graduate Learning Specialist Email 479-575-5456  
Jason Suriel Graduate Assistant - Academics (Football, M. Golf) Email 479-575-5456  
Krystal Beachum Graduate Assistant - Academics (Volleyball, W. Basketball, W. Tennis) Email 479-575-5456  
Jacob Hoops Graduate Assistant - Men's Basketball and Women's Golf Email 479-879-4723  
Karen Gober Office Manager Email 479-575-5456