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SEC Championships - Day Five
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SEC Championships - Day Three
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SEC Championships - Day Two
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Saturday 02/01
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Swimming And Diving Training Blog: Day Five

Athletic Communications
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Senior swimmer Shelby Cox is providing daily inside access to the Razorback swimming and diving team's training trip in Florida.

Stay tuned to ArkansasRazorbacks.com for more updates from the trip and for more information on Arkansas swimming and diving, follow @RazorbackSwim on Twitter.

Day 5

The team and I had another exciting day in Florida! This morning's practice was a little different. We were split into two groups: milers and non-milers. While the non-milers started a dryland routine, the "FMO" group (For Milers Only) immediately got in the water to do their traditional 10x1000's. As a sprinter, this set seemed incomprehensible to me, but the girls handled it like true champs and did great. My group's practice was challenging as well, and as a reward for all our hard work this morning, Coach Sean Schimmel cancelled afternoon practice!

After eating lunch, the girls and I immediately headed for the beach. We spent hours riding the waves, listening to music, and catching up on our favorite books. When Coach Stephanie Juncker mentioned that in her time at Louisville they tried to catch seagulls on the beach, we knew we had to try it. Anna Mayfield volunteered to be buried under the sand to disguise herself, while we laid Cheez-it's on top of her. Within minutes, tons of seagulls were flocking her and eyeing the food. I have never laughed so hard in my life watching her rise from the sand to try to catch one as it swooped in!

Later, Nicole Menzel, Aubrey Golbek, Rachel Kessler and I went for ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. The team returned from the beach and later reconvened in groups to prepare for our final challenge: the skits. Each team performed a skit for our panel of coaches/judges while poking good-hearted fun at everyone. The Heifers performed a "Razorback-Acapella" version of the movie Pitch Perfect. The Toads performed a scene entitled "Why Swimmers Don't Get Dates" and the Cheetah's performed a "Who's Line Is It Anyway" skit. We all roared with laughter as each girl impersonated another teammate. Diver Hannah Bortnick's impression of a swimmer was priceless, and her award for "Best Impression" was well deserved. For the second year in a row, I won "Best Cameo of a Coach" with Sarah Easterling as we imitated our weight coach Jordan and his assistant Cole. The Cheetah's took first place, coming from behind to put us in first place overall.

Our time here in Florida is coming to an end, but this trip is far from over and we have plenty more memories to make!

Team Scores:
Cheetah Girls: 430
Hefty Heifers: 396
Camo Toads: 374

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