Performance Center

The basketball performance center would be located south of Leroy Pond Road, between Bogle Park and the Gardens, across from Bud Walton Arena. The approximately 70,000-85,000 square foot facility would include all operational components for the men's and women's basketball teams.

The new Basketball Performance Center will enhance the day-to-day efficiency of operations for each program significantly while providing cutting-edge technology and architectural aesthetics that integrate the facility seamlessly on campus.

Practice Courts

The largest components of the facility are the two identical practice gyms which are approximately 12,280 square feet each. Each gym will have six wall mounted goals and two portable goals that are identical to the goals used in Bud Walton Arena.

A state of the art video coaching system will be installed into each gym with a large format video display for the team's use in reviewing video footage recorded during practice through the remotely operated cameras mounted on the ceiling.

Performance Center Features

The Performance Center's shared training room will be approximately 1,720 square feet and contain a large treadmill treatment pool, cold plunge pool, hot plunge pool and a dual extremity pool.

The shared weight room will be approximately 4,030 square feet with a dedicated plyometric training area, private massage rooms and strength coach offices.