Randal Tyson Track Center

"Build it and they will come."

While those words were repeated in Kevin Costner's Field of Dreams, they never rang more true than in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where the Randal Tyson Track Center has become the crowning jewel of indoor track and field in the United States.

One of the best indoor facilities in the world, the Tyson Center has been the home of the NCAA Men's and Women's Indoor Track & Field Championships since its completion in the winter of 2000. The six-lane banked oval has been touted by insiders and the casual fan as perhaps the fastest indoor track in the world thanks to its steep curves and long straightaways and the numbers back it up as 11 of 20 NCAA Championship running records have been broken on its surface.

The Tyson Center's field events are conducted inside the banked oval and have also been the host to numerous records. Elevated runways and firm take-off areas give athletes their best chance for success and have been contributors to an additional five NCAA Championship records.

While the Tyson Center provides exceptional surfaces to compete on, what sometimes is overlooked until the major competitions is the environment surrounding the competition area. More than 5,000 seats are provided for spectators who visit the arena and each is filled during major championships.
Also a major factor in the success of the Tyson Center has been the quality of competition at the venue. Not just the home of the NCAA Championships, the Tyson Center also hosts one of USA Track & Field's Golden Spike Tour events each year and have welcomed such legends as Gail Devers, Maurice Green, Stacy Dragila, Melvin Lister and Veronica Campbell.

Top 10 Randal Tyson Crowds


1. NCAA Championships 3/10/01 5,671
2. NCAA Championships 3/15/03 5,583
3. NCAA Championships 3/9/02 5,567
4. NCAA Championships 3/13/04 5,428
5. NCAA Championships 3/9/01 5,371
6. NCAA Championships 3/11/00 5,350
7. NCAA Championships 3/8/02 5,177
8. NCAA Championships 3/10/00 5,117
9. NCAA Championships 3/12/04 5,074
10. Tyson Foods Invite 2/15/03 5,031