Lady Razorbacks and Graduates
        There's a direct corrolation between the chart above and the results below.
        Over the past decade, 95% of all female student-athletes who complete their four years of eligibility at the University of Arkansas leave Fayetteville with a bachelor's degree in hand.
        Not only do the Lady'Backs graduate, their University of Arkansas degree allows them to step directly into their chosen career fields. Tiffany Wright isn't the only example, but one of the best, as former Lady'Backs can be found in jobs around the world in a variety of fields.
        In the space of one year, the former Lady’Back went from the NCAA Final Four, to Commencement and on to her first full-time job as the weekend sports anchor at WLBT-TV in Jackson, Miss., and sideline analyst for ESPN’s WNBA broadcasts in 1999. She recently moved up to the Charlotte, N.C., market with ABC affiliate WSOC.
        In her own words:
“The University of Arkansas isn’t a huge university, but it has a huge reputation. My professors were concerned with my personal goals; concerned about how I wanted to develop as an individual. There is a great amount of one-on-one mentoring with the teachers. I think one of the greatest things about Arkansas is that you are an individual, a real person not just an I.D. number to the faculty and staff.”
Tiffany Wright (BA 1998)

The Lon Farrell Award
Presented in honor of the former Razorback assistant athletic director by the Little Rock Razorback Club each year to the graduating Arkansas athlete with the highest GPA. It is considered one of the highest academic honors awarded by the University to an athlete. Once again for 2004, a Lady Razorback captured the Farrell award, tennis standout Anna Dybicz.

Previous Lon Farrell winners

1987 Jack E. Magness, Men's Tennis
1988 Sean Baker, Men's Basketball
1989 Cheryl McArton, Women's Swimming
1990 Allen Meacham, Football
1991 Mary Farmer, Women's Swimming
1992 Amber Nicholas, Women's Basketball
1993 Cynthia TerPoorten, Women's Swimming
1994 Kim Mount, Women's XC/Track
1995 Rene Pillow, Women's XC/Track
1996 Kristin DeArmond, Women's Swimming
1997 Kelly Cook, Women's XC/Track
1998 Alicyn Hennis, Soccer
1999 Louise Ostling, Women's Tennis
2000 Kim Mourton, Soccer
2001 Julie Sloniger, Volleyball
2002 Tiffany Woolley, Softball
2003 Kattie Shepherd, Swimming
2004 Anna Dybicz, Women's Tennis
Jerry Reith, Football