One of a Kind Facility

The baseball and track indoor training center is located on the north side of the existing Randal Tyson Track Center. The facility will provide approximately 52,000 square feet of climate-controlled practice space, including a practice infield, throwing area, batting areas and ancillary team spaces. It also would allow all indoor track and field meet throwing events to be held in the facility, including the weight throw which is currently contested inside Walker Pavilion. The baseball and track indoor training center will serve more than 150 student-athletes annually.

Track and Field

Weight Throw and Discus practice/competition area separate from baseball training area allowing for dual training in the facility. For track competition, this facility will allow for all throwing events being held in here instead of Walker Pavilion.

Four (4) 60 meter sprint lanes for track meet warm-up prior to events.

With addition of this venue adjacent to Tyson Indoor Track Facility, track events will conduct clerking/warm-up here and make existing warm-up space in Tyson Indoor being converted to a shared strength and conditioning space and satellite training room.


Practice infield suitable for live hitting with nets ensuring safe activity/observation outside the infield space and protective measures toward the facility structure

Four Batting cages with drop down and raise up netting system to allow for baseball training and available surface space during track events.