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Name Position Contact
Dave Van Horn Head Coach Email 479-575-3655  
Dave Jorn Assistant Coach Email 479-575-3552  
Tony Vitello Assistant Coach Email 479-575-8626  
Clay Goodwin Director of Baseball Operations Email 479-575-6739  
Brad Flanders Volunteer Assistant Coach     Twitter Account
Kelly Moore Secretary Email 479-575-3655  
Basketball - Men

Name Position Contact
Mike Anderson Head Coach Email 479-575-4555 Twitter Account
Melvin Watkins Associate Head Coach Email 479-575-3754  
Matt Zimmerman Assistant Coach Email 479-575-6819 Twitter Account
T.J. Cleveland Assistant Coach Email 479-575-6388 Twitter Account
Jeff Daniels Director of Basketball Operations Email 479-575-3752  
Will Bartlett
Video Coordinator Email    
TBA Strength and Conditioning Coach Email 479-575-4113  
Scotty Thurman Dir. of Student-Athlete Development Email 479-575-3830  
Terry Mercer Secretary Email 479-575-6389  
Basketball - Women

Name Position Contact
Jimmy Dykes Head Coach Email 479-575-3000 Twitter Account
Christy Smith Assistant Coach Email   Twitter Account
Tari Cummings Assistant Coach Email 479-575-4415 Twitter Account
Chris Johnson Assistant Coach Email   Twitter Account
Amber Shirey Director of Basketball Operations Email 479-575-5217 Twitter Account
Jeff Brazil Director of Video and Scouting Email 479-575-2441 Twitter Account
Simeon Hinsey Director of Student-Athlete Development Email 479-575-5353 Twitter Account
Andy Blakney Administrative Assistant Email 479-575-3000  
Cross Country and Track & Field - Men

Name Position Contact
Chris Bucknam Head Coach Email 479-575-5403  
Doug Case Assistant Coach Email 479-575-6848  
Travis Geopfert Assistant Coach Email 479-575-4948  
Danny Green Director of Track and Field Operations Email 479-575-2757  
Lora Nanak Administrative Specialist Email 479-575-6384  
Cross Country and Track & Field - Women

Name Position Contact
Lance Harter Head Coach -- Distance Email 479-575-7457  
Chris Johnson Associate Head Coach Email 479-575-7490  
Bryan Compton Assistant Coach Email 479-575-7591  
Jeff Kent Director of Track and Field Operations Email 479-575-6384  

Name Position Contact
Bret Bielema Head Coach Email 479-575-4849 Twitter Account
Robb Smith Defensive Coordinator/Secondary Email 479-575-4820 Twitter Account
Jim Chaney Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Email 479-575-4006 Twitter Account
Clay Jennings Assistant Coach - Defensive Backs Email 479-575-3958 Twitter Account
Barry Lunney Jr. Assistant Coach - Tight Ends Email 479-575-7058 Twitter Account
Rory Segrest Assistant Coach - Defensive Line/Specialists Email 479-575-4508 Twitter Account
Sam Pittman Assistant Coach - Offensive Line Email 479-575-4309 Twitter Account
Randy Shannon Senior Associate Head Coach/Linebackers Email 479-575-5837 Twitter Account
Michael Smith Assistant Coach - Wide Receivers Email 479-575-3958 Twitter Account
Joel Thomas Assistant Coach - Running Backs Email 479-575-3801 Twitter Account
Bobby Allen Director of High School Relations Email 479-575-4106  
E.K. Franks Director of Recruiting
Email 479-575-6813 Twitter Account
Ben Herbert Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Email 479-575-3123 Twitter Account
Mark Taurisani Director of Football Operations Email 479-575-3343  
Peter Weiden Assistant Director of Football Operations Email 479-575-3704  
Matt Engelbert Director of Video Email 479-575-2704 Twitter Account
Clarinda Carr Administrative Assistant - Head Coach Email 479-575-4849  
Tara Speer Administrative Assistant - Football Recruiting Email 479-575-2580  
Laurie Hicks Administrative Assistant - Football Assistant Coaches Email 479-575-6562  
Golf - Men

Name Position Contact
Brad McMakin Head Coach Email 479-575-3803  
Barrett Lais Assistant Coach Email 479-575-5801  
Golf - Women

Name Position Contact
Shauna Estes-Taylor Head Coach Email 479-575-5238 Twitter Account
Mike Adams Assistant Coach Email 479-575-7010 Twitter Account

Name Position Contact
Mark Cook Head Coach Email 479-575-2335  
Samantha Snider
Assistant Head Coach
Email 479-575-2334  
Jaime Pisani
Assistant Coach Email 479-575-4479  

Name Position Contact
Colby Hale Head Coach Email 479-575-2348 Twitter Account
Ben Strawbridge Assistant Coach Email 479-575-5495 Twitter Account
Mario Rincon Assistant Coach Email 479-575-4808  

Name Position Contact
Mike Larabee Head Coach Email 479-575-6620  
Sue Carpenter Assistant Coach Email 479-575-7001 Twitter Account
TBA Assistant Coach Email 479-575-6806 Twitter Account
Swimming and Diving

Name Position Contact
Sean Schimmel Head Coach Email 479-575-7761  
Jeff DiNicola Diving Coach Email 479-575-6796 Twitter Account
Todd Mann Associate Head Coach Email 479-575-3391  
Tennis Men

Name Position Contact
Andy Jackson Head Coach Email 479-575-2758  
Nestor Briceno Assistant Coach Email 479-575-4949  
Tennis Women

Name Position Contact
Michael Hegarty Head Coach Email 479-575-3446  
TBA Assistant Coach Email 479-575-3913  

Name Position Contact
Robert Pulliza Head Coach Email 479-575-4587 Twitter Account
Carol Price-Torok Associate Head Coach Email 479-575-3813  
Ben Boldt Assistant Coach
Email 479-575-3814  
Blaire Hiler Director of Volleyball Operations Email 479-575-4587  
Strength and Conditioning
Name Position Contact
Ben Herbert Head Strength Coach - Football Email 479-575-3123 Twitter Account
TBA Head Strength Coach - Men's Basketball Email 479-575-4113 Twitter Account
Todd Barbour Head Strength Coach - Olympic Sports Email 479-575-8463  
Mike Strouhal Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Email 479-575-8636  
Bradley Bichey Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach      
Robert Harris II Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach Email   Twitter Account
Whitney Branham Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for Olympic Sports Email    
Jordan Jacobs Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for Olympic Sports Email    
Robert Scott Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for Olympic Sports Email