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A Day in the Life of Lady Razorback Softball

A Day in the Life of Lady Razorback Softball

2006 Season Wrap-Up

Deep Thoughts by Dayna Huckabee

This year, our team was so close. The chemistry we had with each other was unbelievable. I think that is why we had a successful year. Everyone was pulling for each other. There were no cliques and selfish teammates. That’s what made this team so special. When you got out there and look around the field and see all of your teammates and you know that they are there til the end to fight any battle with you, there’s not a better feeling in the world. 

This whole year was a battle for us. No one expected us to make it anywhere or beat anybody. I think we shocked the world when we beat Georgia our first SEC series. I think in a way we kinda shocked ourselves. I think we all knew that we were a special team but until that moment, we just hadn’t let it out. One thing about this season is we fought and scratched for everything. We never gave in and I think this team showed a lot of character. I can honestly say we opened the eyes of our opponents this year and I would be surprised if they overlooked Arkansas next year. WE’RE GONNA SHOCK THE WORLD!!!

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