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A look behind the scenes with the Gym’Backs

A look behind the scenes with the Gym’Backs


Even though the semester is coming to a close and things are calming down around campus, the Gym’backs have remained busy in both the gym and in the community. Last week, all twelve Gym’backs participated in a school-wide athletic program known as ‘Sweat Hawgs’. This program allows the Arkansas female athletes to join with elementary school physical education classes in promoting healthy lifestyles and fitness. We split into five groups to visit different schools in the Fayetteville area. The students were full of energy, like usual, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time with them. We had ‘Sweat Hawg Stations’ for hula hoops, toss and catch, and other areas where the kids could share their agility and skills with us. Additionally, we had scooter races, played basketball and holiday games like “Beat the Grinch”. Not only does ‘Sweat Hawgs’ give the children an opportunity to interact with collegiate athletes, it provides us the opportunity to give back to a community that enthusiastically supports Ladybacks athletics all year.

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