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A look behind the scenes with the Gym’Backs

A look behind the scenes with the Gym’Backs

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It’s our fifth week of school and twentieth day of practice as a team, but today is different.  Since returning to (or, in the case of our freshmen, first arriving at) campus in mid-August, we have spent our time with noses in text books, tennis shoes circling the track, hosting recruits, catching up after a long summer, and burning our hands and biceps on somewhere around thirty-five rope climbs.  Luckily most of the soreness is over, and we can enjoy today–our first official day of practice!

With our first crop of upperclassmen, four experienced sophomores, and three more new faces on the team, I (and I know I speak for all of the Gym’Backs) have high hopes for this season.  Today marks the official beginning of a very long and sure to be thrilling adventure.

~Hannah McLeod

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