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A look behind the scenes with the Gym’Backs

A look behind the scenes with the Gym’Backs

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Junior Audra Loveless reports on the trip to LSU.

Kim, Mel, and Audrabefore the Georgia meet.

Our trip to down to Cajun Country went smoothly. This trip was going to be exciting because it’s Mardi Gras time in Louisiana, and we were going to celebrate Gym’Back style! Now, if you know Rene, you might be saying oh my! Well, you’re right! For our team activity on Friday morning, we had our own little parade. We were partnered with our Krewe (our roomate) to design a float. I would have to say that the team was very creative. Katie and Emily were standing in windshield sun shades with a hog flag at the bottom. Mel and Cassie were wrapped in garland, and Dana and Hannah came out as a masked Razorback. The parade was awesome, but afterwards, it was time to get serious.

Katie and Emily’s Float!

We started of on bars and hit 5 for 6 routines. The energy from the team was awesome, and it was time to move to vault. At vault, we nailed all 6 vaults, despite the student sections comments as we ran down the runway. Next was floor, and it was a stellar performance as always. Then onto the beam with another 5 of 6 routines hit, and a superstar performance from everyone. Even though we didn’t pull out the win, everyone was pleased with our performance, and the tenacity we showed throughout the meet. Now that we are at the half way point of the season, it’s back to the gym for another week of hard work. We look forward to our trip to Washington to show the west coast how great a team we are.

Let’s Get Fired Up…Woo Pig Sooie!!!

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