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A look behind the scenes with the Gym’Backs

A look behind the scenes with the Gym’Backs

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Sophomore Rachel Barnett comments on the Gym’Backs trip to Seattle.

Rachel gets ready for the meet.

The Gym’Backs were really pumped about going to Seattle, Washington to compete in the PAC 10. We knew it was going to be a hard meet competing against both Washington and Oregon State, but with all our training and confidence, we were ready to have fun with our theme of ‘Love on the Left Coast’.

Katie at the FishMarket!

Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, we all secretly drew a Valentine. When no one was around, we secretly decorated our Valentine’s hotel door. The doors were very festive with hearts, balloons, and streamers. After getting all glittered up, and putting our Valentine’s ribbons in our hair, we had to pick a love song to play for our Valentine. Mark was very excited about his song, "Burning Love’" by Elvis Presley, because he picked his real life Valentine-Rene. However, he did forget to bring his decorations for her door! So after we all tried to guess which love song was for whom, we were off to the meet.

We were excited about starting the meet off on our strongest event, beam. Of course, each girl stepped up, one after another hitting solid performances. Then it was off to get the crowd going on floor. I think we had some of our best landings on our tumbling passes this season so far; which got us really fired up for vault. We had fun on vault, while doing our traditional clapping even though we knew the competition was tight. Audra had an exceptionally awesome vault! Yeah, AJ! We knew we then had to go and rock bars because the competition was still anybody’s game. Even though we had one fall, every girl did theirjob well. The meet was alot offun because we had so much energy for one another that I was a little hoarse after it all!We our very excited about being at home for the next two weekends. So make sure to come out and watch us!GRRrrrrrrr……….

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