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A look behind the scenes with the Gym’Backs

A look behind the scenes with the Gym’Backs

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Conference of Champions by Hannah McLeod

Audra doing the situp contest.

Audra, Emily, and I participated in the Conference of Champions, which is a weekend retreat where Razorback athletes are counselors for high school athletes from the area. This was my third year to take part, Audra’s second, and Emily’s first.

Emily as pagent host.

The weekend began with physical fitness contests that tested your strength and will power. Audra apparently wins there because she took the tiltle in the situp competition. The next day our teams competed against each other athletically, but we all learned about the motivation and character of a true champion. That night, Emily’s team won the skit competition with Emily playing the partof the pageant host. The last day we subjected ourselves to the pain of running down a 1/3 of a milehill that was pretty steep while carrying a 2×4, then putting it behind our necks with our arms on top to run back up the hill and hand it off to the next in line.

The best part of the weekend was hearing the high school athletes talk at the end about what they had learned and the difference it made in their lives. It is such an honor for them to consider us role models, but I must say we wereall inspired by them as well this weekend.

Next time look for pictures from the annual Dog Walk! GymBacks Rock!

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