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A look behind the scenes with the Gym’Backs

A look behind the scenes with the Gym’Backs

Journal Entry by Senior Sarah Nagashima

November 3rd, 2009

As the 2009 preseason reaches its peak, the Gym’Backs are looking better than ever. We’ve all been working our tails off to get prepared for season and are further along than ever before. With so much new talent brought to the team by the freshman and the returners learning new and improved skills, we can feel an amazing year coming up for us.

The freshmen have been learning quickly the routine and ways of the program. They’ve adjusted well and are working hard everyday, it’s both inspiring and helpful to the rest of the team. All three girls contribute big tumbling and powerful vaults which will definitely be beneficial for us. Amanda will be a major factor on vault and floor line ups, while both Kelci and Amy B will provide high scores on all the events.

The sophomores have stepped up their skill level and are looking fantastic. Polishing up their improved routines and applying their experiences from last year is noticeable and motivating. Mariah is stunning on bars working two releases (Tkatchev and Jagar), while Jaime is adding her gorgeous pike Gienger. Jaime will be an all-star all arounder once again with her amazing vault and huge tumbling. Mariah is working a new series on beam (back handspring-onodi) and strengthening her vault. It’s very exciting to see them getting so good.

Our beautiful junior Stacy has taken amazing steps with her gymnastics. Her beam is more solid than ever and her tumbling and new floor routine are looking great. Her bar routine is short and sweet but has improved a lot since last year. She looks awesome and will be helping the team out this year for sure.

The seniors have been doing amazing as well. All of us will be all arounders and have been bustin’ our butts to help the team out. Casey Jo is phenomenal as always. Her new floor routine is entertaining and impressive; she is working on her full-in and front double full. Her vault is super consistent and her bars and beam are looking sharp. Amy D re-choreographed her routine with more of her breathtaking hip hop moves as well as adding a two and a half twist to punch front. Her vault has progressed a lot, and she upgraded her dismounts on bars (double lay) and beam (back handspring gainer full). I got a new floor routine this summer and will be competing four tumbling passes. My beam will be the same, just more consistent, while I add my layout full-out off bars. We’re all very excited to get the season started and show everyone how much we’ve improved and how talented we are.

The whole team and coaching staff have been working together to strengthen our gymnastics. Tom, our new assistant coach, has been working out great with his awesome technical knowledge and fun spirit.

The team chemistry has come a long way as well. We’ve had many bonding activities like team dinners and meetings. I know everyone is working hard and out of the gym to reach our goal of being the next National Champions!

Hangin Out at the Football Game!

Amy D., Casey Jo, Jaime, and Stacy: The Girls!

Freshies: Amy B. (aka Bo), Kelci, and Amanda

Seniors Amy and Michelle


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