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All-Access gets new structure for 2007-08; more video streams planned

All-Access gets new structure for 2007-08; more video streams planned

FAYETTEVILLE – LADYBACKS.COM, the official website for University of Arkansas Women’s Athletics, is expanding the streaming video lineup for the 2007-08 academic season.

Starting this weekend with the first home volleyball matches, Lady Razorback fans will pay $4.95 per month for live video coverage of home sporting events. Fans can purchase a 12-month pass for $49.95.

For the past two years, all video and audio was free through LADYBACKS.COM, and the new monthly cost is only for the home event coverage.

While a cost is involved, Lady’Back fans will see more games available through expanded schedules and new sharing agreements with other schools.

“We want to expand our offerings this season, and to be able to do that we will need to begin charging for the streaming video we produce,” Bill Smith, associate athletic director for communications, said. “We will have access to more games now, and our package will be a great value for our fans.”

Along with more events produced for soccer, volleyball, basketball and gymnastics, LADYBACKS.COM adds home softball, swimming and track and field.

“Each month, fans are seeing on average two to four events per sport,” Smith said. “That’s in addition to more editions of Lady Razorback TV and shared video from road contests.”

Until the first of the year, All-Access members can view their first two events for free.

Only video full-game coverage is in the fee-based part of All-Access. All audio streaming from Lady’Back events, post-game highlight packages and other video clips about Women’s Athletics remain in the free portion of LADYBACKS.COM.

“Rather than having a higher fee, we wanted to keep as much of our multimedia content in the free area of the website as possible,” Smith said.

The fee system opens up the opportunity for more shared video with other SEC schools, and was an important part of the change.

“Before, our fans were joining other schools to see road events,” Smith said. “Because we had a free distribution before on video streams, we weren’t able to make exchange agreements. We’re working to add all our road games with schools that use the XOS platform to share video.”

For more information on LADYBACKS.COM and the All-Access video package, please log on to the website.

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