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All I want for the holidays….

All I want for the holidays….

Christmas is my favorite time of year.

I will probably start our Christmas break with some last minute shopping amongst the insanity at the mall. I will then prepare our new house for our first Christmas in Arkansas. When Adam and I first got married, we flipped a coin to see where would begin the Thanksgiving/Christmas family rotation.

Now in our second year of marriage, it is my Christmas to pick our plans. We will spend Christmas with my family and our two bulldogs (Layla and Tyson) here in Fayetteville. I am so excited to finally wake up in my own bed to see what Santa will have left at our house.

My mom will cook her famous Christmas breakfast with my favorite Southern style yellow grits that I will devour when they are done. We will then open our gifts and spend the rest of the day eating, watching parades, and being lazy.

Two days after Christmas, Adam and I will head to Arizona for a few days. I will recruit the first three days we are there and then we will spend two extra days relaxing and enjoying the sun. We will mostly likely get in a round or two of golf before we head back to Arkansas.

Upon our return, I will tidy up our house, put away our gifts, and get things back organized in the office before the girls return to begin our spring semester.


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