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Another good semester in the classroom

Another good semester in the classroom

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – The spring 2009 semester has come to a close with 32 University of Arkansas student-athletes earning perfect grades and 190 above a 3.0 mark it was announced today. Women’s swimming and diving paced the department with eight Academic Champions. They were closely followed by five members of the women’s track and field/cross country team and four members of the soccer team. Softball and men’s track and field/cross country each had three student-athletes with 4.0 GPAs. Baseball and women’s tennis had two and there was one member from women’s golf, football, volleyball, gymnastics and men’s tennis with perfect semester grades. “We are proud of the many academic accomplishments of our student-athletes,” Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Jeff Long said. “These academic champions balance the rigors of a full-time academic schedule with the demands of practice, training and competing athletically in their given sports. This special group of student-athletes has demonstrated the ability to not only compete, but succeed both in the classroom and in athletic competition.” A pair of tennis All-Americans headlined the list of Academic Champions. Aurelija Miseviciute and Blake Strode are both economics majors. The seniors recently capped off their careers at the NCAA Women’s and Men’s National Championships. Nanar Airpetian from women’s tennis also earned Academic Champion honors. The Razorback swimming and diving teams always seem to excel in the classroom and this semester was no exception. They had eight perfect semesters from Gina Bargiachi, Stephanie Carr, Jessica Clark, Sarah Howard, Summer Jackson, Lisa Lunkenheimer, Erin Neumann and Madison Palmer. The men’s and women’s track teams were represented by Lane Boyer, Tara Diebold, Erin Gray, Sarah Landau, Angela Scott, Mitchell Scott, James Strang and Katie Stripling. The soccer Razorbacks are under the direction of first-year head coach Erin Aubry and placed four members on the Academic Champions list. They are Megan Fawley, Kat Moffett, Erin Moskos and Rachel Smith. The rest of the Academic Champions include: Jessica Bachkora, Hillary Freeman and Sandra Smith from softball, Scott Limbocker and James McCann from baseball, Lucy Nunn from women’s golf, Chase Philpot from football, Mackenzie Rhea from volleyball and Genny Salvatore from gymnastics. In addition to the 32 4.0s, Arkansas had 65 student-athletes who earned selection to the Athletic Directors list with 3.50-3.99 GPAs, and 93 who were on the Athletic Department Honor Roll in the 3.00-3.49 range. Jeff Poppell’s swimming and diving team again led the way on the AD’s List with 13 selections, followed by eight for soccer, seven for women’s track and field/cross country, six for men’s track and field/cross country and five for softball. For more information about Arkansas Razorback athletics log on to

Academic Champions 4.00

Nanar AirpetianWomen’s TennisInternational Business
Jessica BachkoraSoftballKinesiology
Gina BargiachiSwimming/DivingArt
Lane BoyerMen’s TrackGeology
Stephanie CarrSwimming/DivingRecreation/ME
Jessica ClarkSwimming/DivingNursing
Tara DieboldWomen’s TrackCommunication Disorders
Megan FawleySoccerElementary Education
Hillary FreemanSoftballCommunication
Erin GrayWomen’s TrackBiology
Sarah HowardSwimming/DivingJournalism
Summer JacksonSwimming/DivingPolitical Science
Sarah LandauWomen’s TrackCommunication
Lisa LunkenheimerSwimming/DivingKinesiology
Scott LimbockerBaseballPolitical Science
James McCannBaseballKinesiology
Aurelija MiseviciuteWomen’s TennisEconomics
Kat MoffettSoccerJournalism
Erin MoskosSoccerKinesiology
Erin NeumannSwimming/DivingCommunication Disorders
Lucy NunnWomen’s GolfKinesiology
Madison PalmerSwimming/DivingRecreation/ME
Chase PhilpotFootballEngineering
Mackenzie RheaVolleyballBiology
Genny SalvatoreGymnasticsArt
Angela ScottWomen’s TrackManagement
Mitchell ScottMen’s TrackJournalism
Rachel SmithSoccerApparel Studies
Sandra SmithSoftballKinesiology
James StrangMen’s TrackEnglish
Katie StriplingWomen’s TrackKinesiology
Blake StrodeMen’s TennisEconomics
Athletic Director’s List 3.50-3.99
Kailey AndersSoccerCommunication Disorders
Seth ArmbrustFootballKinesiology
Denise BargiachiWomen’s TrackJournalism
Clay BemburgFootballSociology
Evan BettisFootballPsychology
Samantha BoltenSoccerNursing
Courtenay BrownWomen’s TrackKinesiology
Emily CarbonneWomen’s TennisUndeclared
Rachel CarlsonSoccerElementary Education
Samuel ChavezMen’s GolfPolitical Science
Allison ChinnSwimming/DivingBiology
Andrew DarrBaseballCriminal Justice
Katherine DavisSwimming/DivingMath
Amara DeFilippoGymnasticsKinesiology
Miranda DixonSoftballHealth Science
Caira DortchVolleyballPsychology
Eric FernandezMen’s TrackHistory
Emily FletcherSwimming/DivingMarketing
Madeline FogelSwimming/DivingPolitical Science
Megan HaskinsSwimming/DivingFinance
Thomas HauskeyBaseballAccounting
Anna HeintzSoccerEngineering
Amie HubbardSoftballElementary Education
Julie InmanWomen’s BasketballUndeclared
Ela KaluderWomen’s TennisKinesiology
Megan JacksonWomen’s TrackKinesiology
Kayla JohnsonSoftballPsychology
Katie KastesSwimming/DivingJournalism
Alexandra LachanceGymnasticsKinesiology
Ashley LargoSwimming/DivingCommunication
Luke LairdMen’s TrackHorticulture
Kelly LongWomen’s TrackPsychology
Kat LukomskayaWomen’s TennisApparel Studies
Elizabeth McVeanSoccerKinesiology
Victoria MortSoftballKinesiology
Sam MurphyBaseballCommunication
Sarah NagashimaGymnasticsApparel Studies
Lynette NgSwimming/DivingCommunication
Kathleen NugentWomen’s GolfBusiness
Kelly O’ConnorSoccerInternational Relations
Courtney O’GradySwimming/DivingBusiness
Will OsborneMen’s GolfCommunication
Adam PearceFootballKinesiology
Leah PierceSwimming/DivingSociology
Jaime PisaniGymnasticsKinesiology
Terry PrenticeMen’s TrackHistory
Corinna ReesWomen’s GolfPolitical Science
Brittney RichardsonWomen’s BasketballKinesiology
Brent RossenMen’s TrackKinesiology
Lindsay ScanlanVolleyballCriminal Justice
Kimberly SchleifSoccerChemistry
Jillenne SchillingSwimming/DivingCommunication Disorders
Kristin SeatonVolleyballKinesiology
Ty SpinellaMen’s GolfCommunication
Lance ThompsonFootballKinesiology
Anouk TiguWomen’s TennisGeneral Business
Galen TobyMen’s TrackChemistry
Erica TottenSwimming/DivingJournalism
Dorian UlreyMen’s TrackSociology
Miranda WalkerWomen’s TrackPsychology
Lindsey WellsSoftballInternational Business
Sophie WentzSoccerCommunication Disorders
Catherine WhiteWomen’s TrackFood Science
AshleyWilliamsWomen’s TrackJournalism
Kellyn WilliamsSwimming/DivingKinesiology
Athletic Departmental Honor Roll 3.00-3.49
Kelsey AllisonSoccerHuman Development
Whitney AllisonSoccerPolitical Science
Christoffer ArvidssonMen’s GolfCommunication
Allison AtkinsSoccerNutrition
Kyle AtkinsBaseballBusiness
Stacy BartlettGymnasticsNutrition
Tarik BatchelorMen’s TrackEngineeering
Brandy BazeSoftballKinesiology
Peter-Gay BeckfordWomen’s TrackKinesiology
Jake BequetteFootballFinnance
Ayana BreretonWomen’s BasketballSociology
Cameron BryanFootballKinesiology
Liana BugslagSwimming/DivingInternational Business
Amanda CaldwellSoftballInternational Relations
Michael ChincharMen’s TrackInternational Relations
Lauren ChisomSoftballRecreation
Whitney CloerSoftballKinesiology
Ryan CisternaBaseballCriminal Justice
Trevor CousineauBaseballAccounting
Zack CoxBaseballKinesiology
Geoffrey DavenportBaseballAccounting
Alfred DavisFootballUndeclared
Leslie DixonSoftballHealth Science
John DurmanFootballKinesiology
Camille FloresSoccerJournalism
Charity FordWomen’s BasketballKinesiology
Elton FordFootballGeneral Business
Scott GilespieMen’s TrackBusiness
Dillon GoinsMen’s TrackCivil Engineering
Claire HakimSoccerPsychology
Bret HarrisFootballKinesiology
Lyndsay HarrisWomen’s BasketballBiology
Jeremy HeatleyBaseballMechanical Engineering
Kristin IngramWomen’s GolfCommunication
Taylor JohnsonWomen’s TrackNutrition
Emily JonesSoftballKinesiology
Kim JonesSoftballRecreation
Christine KalmerWomen’s TrackCivil Engineering
Kristen KeithWomen’s TrackJournalism
Austin KingMen’s TennisCommunication
Christian KowalchukBaseballSociology
Samantha LeachWomen’s TrackKinesiology
David LingmerthMen’s GolfMarketing
Isaac MadisonFootballUndeclared
Casey Jo MageeGymnasticsKinesiology
Jamie MarshallMen’s GolfPolitical Science
Alex McClaryMen’s TrackEconomics
Andy McClaryMen’s TrackManagement
Spencer McCorkelMen’s TrackPhilosophy
Elizabeth McGuirtSoftballRecreation
Scott McPhersonMen’s TrackCommunication
Christopher NottMen’s TennisInternational Business
Jerell NortonFootballJournalism
Daniella O’SheaSoccerUndeclared
Dalton OwensMen’s GolfFinnance
Randy ParkerMen’s TrackChemistry
Laurel PastorSoccerHuman Development
Lindsay PattersonSoccerKinesiology
Kathleen PaulsenSoccerBiology
Jonathan PerlmanBaseballBusiness
Andrew PenningtonMen’s TrackArt
Fernada PerrottaWomen’s TennisBusiness
Tiffany PhelpsWomen’s GolfFinance
Rob RedwineMen’s TrackInternational Business
Stephen RichardsBaseballSociology
C’eira RickettsWomen’s BasketballKinesiology
Brittany RobisonSoftballKinesiology
Jessica RobisonSoftballKinesiology
Alexandra RomanSwimming/DivingMath
Jillian RosenWomen’s TrackAnthropology
Sarah RowlandSwimming/DivingBusiness
Stephanie RoyWomen’s TennisAccounting
Heather RoyalVolleyballSociology
Patrick RusselMen’s TrackSociology
Travis SampleBaseballSociology
Kelli SheanWomen’s GolfGeneral Business
Ben SkidmoreMen’s TrackChemistry
Michael SmithFootballKinesiology
Jacob StephensMen’s TrackKinesiology
Kelli StipanovichVolleyballCommunication
Michelle StoutGymnasticsMarketing
Alyssa StrodelGymnasticsGeneral Business
Alison TemplinSwimming/DivingElementary Education
Tramain ThomasFootballUndeclared
Kelly VrshekWomen’s TrackNursing
Jessica WaddleSoftballHealth Science
Matthew WaltersMen’s TennisUndeclared
Macey WebbSwimming/DivingKinesiology
Justin WellsBaseballCriminal Justice
Abbey WilburnSoccerAccounting
Britni WilliamsSoccerCriminal Justice
Kendal WinstonSoccerCommunication
Margaret WynneSoftballCriminal Justice

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