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Arkansas-Ole Miss Postgame Quotes

Arkansas-Ole Miss Postgame Quotes

Arkansas Head Coach Bobby Petrino
On the game overall: “Certainly a tough loss, but we have to make sure our players keep their heads up and chests poked out for the rest of the season. A couple of plays in the first half came back to haunt us there in the end, but we stuck in there and played hard. It’s just a tough way to lose a game. My main concern going into the next game is injuries; we got beat up our there and we’ll have some injuries to deal with.”
Late offensive pass-interference call: “I thought London [Crawford] did a great job of elevating and grabbing the ball, that’s all I can say about it.”
On D.J. Williams: “D.J. [Williams] had a great week of practice, and in tonight’s game his health was better, his speed was better, and we saw what a healthy D.J. Williams can do. A week ago, he was playing on heart.”
If the team will take the load off of Michael Smith: “We do need to get the pressure off Smith’s shoulders. We’re going to try and get some of the younger guys some more reps. Michael did a great job running the ball and has showed a lot of toughness this entire season.”
On Adrian Davis’ injury: “We don’t know how severe or the extent of his injury at this time.”
On Michael Smith’s playing status for the Ole Miss game: “Every indication I received from the trainers told me he would play tonight unless he suffered a setback. He looked a hundred percent out there tonight; he’s a great player and has a huge heart.”
On the last two close losses: “It’s tough when you see these young men prepare well, compete, play hard, and then suffer the loss. We’re going to grow up and learn how to win close games. I’m very proud of the team’s attitude.”
On Arkansas fans: “The crowd was explosive from the minute we arrived at the stadium. I have been extremely impressed with fans and how they have supported us in some tough losses this season.”
On the play of the defense: “I thought our defense played well. We didn’t always get the stops, but when our offense couldn’t get it done, the defense was there to keep us in the game.”
On Jeremy Davis’ punting game: “He’s dong a really nice job for us. We’ve been working on his drop, but he’s always had a nice leg to kick those long punts.”
Casey Dick, QB:
“Last week was tough, but you still have to prepare and go out and play. This is another tough loss, but all we can do is move forward and find ways to get better. I think we’re going a good job of that.”
“The offense really stepped it up when we needed it the most. Guys were making plays, and we were having a lot of fun out there.”
“I thought he had it. I saw him go up and make the grab and the stadium went nuts—I thought he had it. It was a tough call to swallow, but the official called what he saw so there was really no disputing it.”
DJ Williams, TE
“If you would’ve seen the guys in the locker room after this one you would know it hurt. All we can do is come back and keep giving our all. We’re playing hard, and we need to continue to do that.”
“They were great tonight. We need that kind of support week in and week out. I realize that a lot of people saw tonight as a special game, and it was, but we need that kind of support every week.”
Rashaad Johnson, FS
“I thought we played pretty well tonight. We made some plays, and did a lot of good things. We missed a few assignments, and are going to have to correct some of that. All we can do is look at film and get better.”
“I was playing a deep zone, kind of sitting in center field, and [Snead] put a little too much air underneath it and I was able to make a play. It was just one of those right-place, right-time situations.”
Michael Smith, RB
“Coach gave me a lot of rest this week and I felt pretty good coming in. I didn’t get as many carries as I had in previous weeks, so I’m not too beat up; I feel pretty good.”
“I knew we were going to win it. I had one of those feelings, everyone did. We were all pretty pumped up. We had a few good opportunities to get the ball downfield, but it just wasn’t to be.”

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