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Arkansas-Eastern Michigan postgame quotes

Arkansas-Eastern Michigan postgame quotes

Arkansas head coach Bo

bby Petrino:(On Joe Adams) It is good to have Joe back he is a special player and I cannot say enough about him. He was fast and fresh. It has been hard on him not being out there and he has been great with his attitude and been very alert. Our training staff did a great job. Tremendous effort in practice this week.We blocked well and our running backs did a nice job, Broderick Green had a nice cut up the middle, Jarius Wright had a great hustle play. Darius needed to play and needed some experience. He has worked hard all year and is getting knowledge of the defense and getting better. We came out very aggressive but we lost concentration and gave up three big plays.I thought Ryan executed real well only game he has gone 10 for 10. He was focused and practiced hard all week. Our plan was to get the ball back and get our ones. Unfortunately are defense did not hold up there in and we had to leave our ones in there. I like the we ran the ball and our blockers did a nice job. We are ready and anxious to get out there and very happy to be at home. Arkansas Razorback Player Quotes:WR Joe Adams: “It was a great feeling to be back out on the field today. I knew I was going to be back at some point, but it was just frustrating to have to see my teammates go through two tough games at Florida and Ole Miss.”“It’s always difficult to have to sit out and watch the team lose like that in the previous weeks, especially when I knew that I could’ve helped the team out.”“Coming back, I knew I wasn’t going to have any rust and that I would be in shape. I had been running a lot during my time out, but to get two touchdowns in today’s game felt great.”“I appreciate life more in general now. I don’t take life for granted and I’m blessed to still be here on this field and back out there playing with my team.”WR Lucas Miller: “We’re ready to get back into SEC play. We know that those are the games that count and today’s game gives us a lot of confidence going into next week’s game against South Carolina. We know we’re going to have to be ready to play next week, but we got over the hump today and it felt great.”

Eastern Michigan QuotesCoach Ron EnglishOn Easter Michigan team:“We have a trust issue.” “They didn’t do what they were asked to do.”On Arkansas:“They are alright. I don’t think they are great.”On Eastern Michigan program:“We’re building a program. We’re building trust.”“When they start trusting then we will have success.”On Coach Petrino and the final score:“He’s going to try to score as much as he can. That’s what he does.”On Ryan Mallett:“He needs to stop staring down his receivers.”Brandon Downs #7On Arkansas team:“Everything they did we prepared for, they just executed.”On trust issue:“I don’t think it’s a trust issue. You want to do what you think you see and not what you are told.”On Ryan Mallett:“He has a strong arm.”

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