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Arkansas-Florida Postgame Quotes

Arkansas-Florida Postgame Quotes

ARKANSAS vs. FloridaOct. 4, 2008POST-GAME QUOTES
Arkansas Head Coach Bobby Petrino:“The one thing that I do know is that this week our player really got themselves ready to play. They worked hard all week and had better leadership in practice and it showed during the game.”“Our defense did well today, and I liked what we did before halftime, but we have to learn to score points when we drive the ball.”“We got in position to win when we got that touchdown, but when we got that interception we weren’t able to convert it and get any points.”“Cutting back the play book really helped us to execute and move fast. The secondary and the linebackers were moving to the ball more quickly.”“The line ran the ball well and executed well, and they held up well in pass protection. They did well in practice and it showed. They came out ready to play today. Michael Smith really ran well today. He had some good holes and he ran hard and got some good yards after contact.”“We tackled Tebow well and we really hit him. I think that the defense did well. They put us in a situation to have an opportunity to win.”“We haven’t been able to hit that big home run yet this year and that’s what we need. We are getting some good 19- and 20-yard runs, but we just haven’t been able to break the big one yet.”“With the way the wind was blowing, I really felt like that if we were going to go for the field goal that we really had to be within the 25-yard line.”“It’s a tough loss because our players did a good job to get their emotions back after the Texas loss, but we had better leadership this week during practice and they have shown that they really care.”“(Joe Adams) really did well today. There are a lot of young guys out there making plays and Joe will get better over time, especially at getting those big yards after the catch.”UA Player Quotes
Casey Dick:“We have to find a way to put the ball in the end zone once we get down there.”“The offensive line did a great job. They did a fantastic job all day.”Michael Smith is a very hard runner. He makes plays. That’s what we have to have out there.”“We improved from last week to this week in practice and in the game.”“We have to keep our heads high.”“The mood on the sideline was good. We knew we were in the game at halftime.”
Joe Adams:“We lost focus out there.”“We were all happy. We wanted to get out there and make a play.”“When they get me the ball, I’m going to try to do the best I can.”“This was way better than the Alabama and Texas games. We just have to play harder until the end.”“It’s very hard to lose. We have to prepare for the next game.”
Michael Smith:“I’m proud of all the young guys. They stepped up and made plays.”“The offensive line pushed the defense back well.”“We thought that we had a chance. We let it slip away. We have to play four quarters. In order to be a good team we have to learn how to do that.”“We have to find someone who is going to make the big play.”“There was not one person mad when I muffed the punt. A lot of the guys came up to support me.”“We know we let it go in the fourth quarter. As a team we understand that.”
Malcom Sheppard:“Playing a close game against Florida will definitely give us momentum. I’m ready to play Auburn now.”“Wendel Davis has a big role in this defense. He gave us a lot of energy.”“We know what we can do. We want to do that these next few weeks.”
Grant Cook:“You go over the stuff 100 times in practice. You just have to go out there and do it.”“That’s one of the things you have to work on – getting the ball in the end zone.”“We have to come out and work hard. We have to take it one week at a time.”“Everybody on this team loves to play football. You can’t ask for a better opportunity.”
FLORIDA QUOTESFlorida Head Coach Urban Meyer:“We are far from a finished product, I really think all the penalties set us back”“Our offense starts with the QB. I thought Tim was excellent down the stretch, with the 4th down situations”“Michael Smith is a very good runner. Arkansas’ offensive scheme was very good, but our defense really toughened up and kept them out of the endzone”Quarterback Tim Tebow:“I was mentally focused during the game, and I take pride in myself on not making mistakes.”“Momentum is everything college football. When you‘re dealing with a bunch of 18-22 year old players, our good week of practice helped.”“I felt our offense was all on the same page. Our line did a great job on opening holes and we didn’t give up after all the penalties”

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