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Arkansas Soccer Character Shows

Arkansas Soccer Character Shows

From the desk of Gordon Henderson:

Well folks, it sure has been a funny couple of weeks.

The last time I talked with you, we were just about to play #19 Georgia and #6 Tennessee. We played very well against Georgia – so much so that the Georgia coach told me that his team was very lucky to win the game 1-0; very gracious, but he was spot on. For those of you that were at the game, I’m sure you would agree that perhaps was our best performance of the year. Against Tennessee, and despite some mounting injuries, we played the #6 team in the country nose to nose and came out with a well earned 1-1 draw. That was our best result ever against a top 10 opponent. No doubt we were feeling very good about how we were playing in our start to SEC play. We beat a decent Mississippi State team, came within 2 minutes of beating a very good Ole Miss side, were very unlucky not to beat # 19 Georgia and tied # 6 Tennessee. Our program has never looked so good!

How quickly things change…..This past weekend, we lost two more players in the game against Alabama and finally succumbed 2-0 to both Alabama and Auburn. Right now, we have 5 starters and 7 players in total out. We have lost six of those players in the last three weeks. No question, this is having a huge impact on our team.

The press release linked below will give you more details.

Soccer Battles On Despite Injuries

There is no point in beating about the bush…..Does this pose a huge challenge for us? ….Yes, however, I am very impressed by the outlook of this team. They are not quitters and both the staff and team believe that they are still good enough to qualify for the SEC tournament. It would be very easy to succumb and make excuses.I refuse….the team refuses to do that. I am so impressed by their character right now and can assure you that we will give it everything we have in the next few weeks.

Wish us well, wish us luck and as always, thanks you for all the e-mails and good wishes. Your continued support is felt by every one of the women on the team.

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