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Arkansas-UGA post game quotes

Arkansas-UGA post game quotes


ARKANSAS POST-GAME QUOTESArkansas Head Coach Bobby Petrino:“Wow, what a game. I’m proud of our team. We dedicated it to [injured running back] Dennis Johnson and we got to talk to him before the game. It was a hard football game. They came back in the second half. We were able to execute our two-minute offense and score to win the game.""I thought we did real well in the third quarter. When they scored, we responded by scoring as well. We stuttered in the fourth quarter and put our defense in a tough situation, but we got a good win. Beating Georgia was one of our goals before the season started. I thought their quarterback kept his poise. We got after him a lot. We are going to be aggressive on offense this year. We are going to go after it."Jr. QB, #15 Ryan MallettOn getting the victory:"This is a really surreal feeling. It’s something I’ve never experienced before. This has got to be one of the greatest moments I’ve felt since I’ve played the game of football. It so rarely comes down to the wire like this. It’s sometimes gone the other way for us, but now I know how it feels to get the win."On the game overall:"We’re never going to have to settle. If we have to kick a field-goal for the win, then we’re going to do it. That’s why we love playing for coach [Bobby] Petrino. He says to go for it and we play hard. We’re here to play football. Every team in the SEC is good, and we came out here and played hard today."Jr. WR, #3 Joe AdamsOn the game overall:"It’s going to be loud in Fayetteville [Arkansas] next week. We’re going to come with our best game. It feels good to get the first victory on the road. They came out really hard, and we just had to finish the game. Georgia is a really good football team. Everyone in the SEC is really good. You’ve got to be ready for every game."GEORGIA POST-GAME QUOTESGeorgia Head Coach Mark Richt:“We got better today, but we just didn’t finish. We got back into it, the crowd got into it. We had all we could hope for with time offensively, but we didn’t get any points on the board. We had a chance to stop them, but we didn’t. We punted them down and they had a long way to go, but they got it done and we didn’t.”“It’s not we’ve played two soft teams. Arkansas is very good. They got the job done and we didn’t. We made a lot of progress, but we’ve got to finish. We got better in a lot of ways. Just to fight to turn things around being down two scores in the fourth quarter, that was huge. We turned things around and got momentum in our favor, but we did not finish. That’s the next thing we’ve got to do.”“Arkansas has an outstanding passing team. At times, we got some pressure on them, but they did a very nice job of spreading it around. They’ve got a lot of weapons and a great understanding of how to do it.”“Mississippi State will be excited. They’ve got a lot of pride and want to win, too. If we stick together, which I believe we will, and keep working, we’ll improve as we go. Our focus this week has to be strictly on Starkville. We’ll watch film and make corrections, but the focus for the team must be, ‘what can we do to win this ballgame?’ They need it; we all need it.”RFr. QB, #11 Aaron MurrayOn the outcome:"We just need to continue to fight. We had a chance there at the end. Coach [Mark] Richt said that we just didn’t finish the drill in the fourth quarter."On the offense:"We started off sharp, had some really good drives. I thought we were moving the ball really well, but we just weren’t finishing. I thought we had our sparks throughout the game."Sr. SE, #16 Kris DurhamOn the missing players:"You just have to play with who you have out there. A.J. [Green] was out, Shaun [Chapas] was out, our emotional leader, but you still have to show up and play with who you got."On the outcome:"We showed our character, but we’re going to have to step it up and continue to work hard. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, Coach Richt told us that we needed to play with all of our heart and leave it all the field, and I think we did, we just came up a little short and it didn’t come out our way."Jr. OLB, #42 Justin HoustonOn the outcome:"We did fight hard at the end, but we have to fight at the beginning to the end. We really need to learn to play a full 60 minutes."On the defense:"I’m really proud of the defense, the way we stepped up at the beginning of the fourth quarter."RSo. ILB, #45 Christian RobinsonOn moving ahead:"We need to start focusing on next week now. We just need to work hard at getting better."On the defense:"We were putting a lot of pressure on [Arkansas quarterback Ryan] Mallett. Even if we weren’t sacking him, we were definitely making him second-guess what he should do with the ball."

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