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Arkansas vs. Ole Miss Post-Game Quotes

Arkansas vs. Ole Miss Post-Game Quotes

Arkansas Head Coach Houston Nutt

Opening Statement"I can’t tell you how great a feeling this is. This win took a whole team effort, and everybody fought hard. To hear the team singing in the locker room is just great."

On the first half"The defense really hung in there. On offense, I didn’t know if we could make a first down."

On Casey Dick"He was out of sync in the first half. We talked to him at the half about getting into a rhythm and breaking the huddle consistently. Ole Miss focused on stopping the run, so it opened up some opportunities for Casey. He stood in the pocket and made the throws he need to."


#31 FS Vickiel VaughnOn the victory"It was more of a team effort out there. Everybody did what they had to do for us to win the game. It felt great to get an SEC win."

On the interception touchdown playThe first points helped the whole team. We tried to get the offense on the ball as much as possible.

#85 SE Marcus MonkOn the game

We came into the game and hoped everything worked out. We tried to help him (QB Casey Dick) as much as possible. We used signals to help us communicate in between plays.

Ole Miss Head Coach Ed Orgeron

Opening comments"This is obviously a very disappointing loss for our team. That was a very disappointing performance by our team in the second half. I thought the first half we played lights out on defense. To hold Arkansas to 89 rushing yards, when they are the number five rushing team in the country, I thought that was an excellent job by our defense. That was our plan."

On the performance of Arkansas"They threw the ball well. On second down and ten and third downs, they would throw the ball to the flat, and we just didn’t get it done at the corner position. We didn’t bring enough pressure."

On the momentum change in the game"The penalty on McKinley Boykin on second down, which would have put them at third and long. That changed the momentum of the game. That was a poor job by our defense, giving us a penalty that we didn’t need."

Ole Miss Players

#19 QB Ethan FlattOn the game"Obviously it’s real disappointing to lose the game after being in control at the half. We just didn’t make plays in the second half."

On the overall play of the offense"We had a lot of pressure on us, but a lot of that comes with the kind of defense they run. They blitz almost every play so it’s going to be feast or famine a lot of the time. Every now and then you try to hit the big play. We didn’t do a good job of hitting the big one and I think that hurt at the end."

#25 RB Larry KendrickOn the game"We played hard, we just need to play for four quarters and finish the game. We need to make stops when we need to make stops and make plays when we need to make plays on offense."

On his first full game at tailback"It was a big adjustment, but the practice and preparation for it was good. We did the best that we could in practice to simulate full speed, but when you actually get in the game it’s different. It’s just something you have to go out and execute."

#49 LB Patrick WillisOn the game in general"They played until the fourth quarter, and we only played to halftime, and you can’t do that if you want to win the ball game. We have to play hard all game long if we want to win."

On Arkansas"We know when we play a team that is going to run that we have to stop it. We did stop the run, but we couldn’t stop the pass. We did not expect them to be able to throw on our defense."

#68 DL McKinley BoykinOn Ole Miss’ Defense"We didn’t produce. We let up in the second half, and the offense was doing everything they could to keep us in the game. It was like we just gave up."

On Arkansas’ Running BacksThey have two talented running backs, and they played well today. We played well in the first half but they showed out in the second (half)."

#72 Michael BozemanOn the game"In the first half we came out on fire, the defense was doing fine. We felt really comfortable. We gave up that first touchdown and we still thought we were in control. Then the second half came around and it was over. They started passing the ball because they felt like they couldn’t

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