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– Barker Davis, Washington Times

–  Barker Davis, Washington Times

“Go ahead and fill in your Heisman ballots. Anybody who watched Arkansas’ Darren McFadden gut Alabama’s defense for 195 rushing yards Saturday night couldn’t possibly cast his vote for anyone else. “This is not an issue open for debate. Florida’s Tim Tebow looks like a budding superstar. And West Virginia’s Steve Slaton is a nice home-run threat in Rich Rodriguez’s daunting Spread option attack. But McFadden is a once-in-a-generation guy. Laugh if you will, but he might be the best back in all of football… right now. “LT [LaDainian Tomlinson ] and Reggie Bush can’t move piles like the 215-pound Arkansas hammer. Most stunningly, they are both slower. McFadden runs a 4.3 flat. And over the last two seasons, he basically has lined up 7 yards deep, behind pathetic quarterbacks, against blazing defenses that knew exactly what and who was coming… and averaged 6. 0 yards a carry in the nation’s toughest conference.”

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