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Behind the Ropes

Behind the Ropes

Journal entry from sophomore Alex Schulte

It was a great pleasure and honor for the Lady’Back golf team to participate in the boys and girls clubs day for kids. With kids

streaming through the doors, we prepared for signing autographs.

Even though our hands started hurting after a while, the smiles on thekid’s faces made up for it by far. All of the kids had a variety of different booths to visit, but almost everyone left with a Lady Razorback golf poster. Some even took enough for their whole class. The team was also excited to visit the different booths so that we could play with kids of all ages. We started the macarana dance in the middle of this enormous convention center room and by the time the song was over we had several hundred kids dancing away. It was a great experience for me and my teammates. It feels great to give back to a community that is so supportive of our University and team.

Lastly, as things started to wind down and we headed to our cars, the team had agood laugh as we took our picture by the Oscar Meyer wiener truck.

What a great way to kick start our year!

Go Hogs

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