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Estes-Taylor checks in – Day Two

Estes-Taylor checks in – Day Two

University of Arkansas head women’s golf coach Shauna Estes-Taylor is spending a week on the road recruiting. What is special about this week is that Estes-Taylor is representing the Razorbacks at events in Ireland. Check back over the next couple of days to see how her adventure is going.

Wow what a day! I am just getting back to my hotel after 13 hours of watching golf during the first round of the British Girls Junior Championship. As I stepped out of our hotel this morning at 6 a.m., I knew it was going to be a day of typical Irish weather. I had four layers on top and three on the bottom. I had my rain suit, umbrella, chair, and snacks for my long day of watching great golf. Adam got his first experience as the driver and me as the navigator for our short one mile trek to Royal Belfast Golf Club. The first words out of my mouth from the passenger seat was stay left!! I was pleased to hear upon our arrival, Adam says, "honey you have done a great job driving this week because staying left is very difficult to remember."

I arrived 20 minutes before the first tee time and was surprised that I was one of the first college coaches to arrive to get my place on the first tee. I have never been so excited to get to the golf course to watch this tournament begin. I stayed bundled for at least the first four hours as the day began with wind, rain, and 45 degree temps. It was very chilly! I was then able to shed a layer every few hours, but never taking off my rain pants and pullover. The weather here is as crazy as everyone explains: wind, rain, sun, clouds.

My strategy for the day was to sit on the first tee and take notes on every player in the field. Tee times began at 6:30 a.m. and were in 11-minute intervals until 3:00 p.m. The first tee is a great place to get a feel for every player in the field and to get a brief glimpse of their game as they rip it down the first fairway. I spent eight and a half hours in the same spot looking for the next member of the Razorback Women’s Golf Team. I saw some really great things on my first tee experience. This will allow me to really dig in tomorrow and follow some of those future stars in collegiate golf.

I ended the day at the golf course by walking 12 holes scouting a few girls that I will be following more closely tomorrow. I starred in awe on every hole as the golf course runs right next to the Irish Sean. This place is absolutely breathtaking and a pleasure to recruit on–even if it is for 13 hours in the craziest weather in the world!

Lastly, I ended my day with a yummy Irish dinner and a hot tea. I think I am becoming more Irish-like every day. I will be retiring soon as I will head to the course at 6am for another great day in Belfast Ireland.

Off to find our four leaf clover here in Belfast, Ireland! GO RAZORBACKS and’ til tomorrow…..

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