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Fall in the classroom successful

Fall in the classroom successful

FAYETTEVILLE – More than 200 University of Arkansas student-athletes were recognized for their success in the classroom for the fall academic semester the Athletic Department announced today.

The Razorbacks had 211 student-athletes named to the Athletic Department Honor Roll.

"We are proud to recognize the outstanding academic accomplishments of our student-athletes from the fall semester," Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics Jeff Long said. "These student-athletes continue to compete and succeed in the classroom as well as in their respective sports. Thanks to the efforts of these dedicated individuals, our program continues to make measureable improvements in both individual sport and program grade point averages."

This semester, 12 of the Razorbacks’ 15 teams maintained or improved their team GPA’s. In addition, Arkansas had 10 teams with a 3.0 or above.

The Athletic Department Honor Roll is divided into three categories: Academic Champions (4.00 GPA), Athletic Director’s List (3.50-3.99) and Honor Roll (3.00-3.49). This semester 40 student-athletes earned perfect 4.0 grade point averages. There were 81 student-athletes on the AD’s List and 89 on the Honor Roll.

The women’s track and field and cross country team led the way with nine Academic Champions, followed by eight from soccer, seven from men’s track and field and cross country, four from swimming and diving, three from softball and gymnastics, two frommen’s golf and one each from football, baseball, volleyball, women’s golf and women’s tennis.

The fall semester’s Academic Champions include five kinesiology majors, four in arts and science, three each in communication disorders, marketing and journalism. In addition, the honorees include Katelin Cherry, a biological engineering major, physics majors Tobias Bothwell and Nathanael Franks and geology major Lane Boyer to name a few.


4.00 Academic Champions
Kailey Anders Soccer Communication Disorders
Callie Authier Soccer Nursing
Stacy Bartlett Gymnastics Nutrition
Clay Bemberg Football Sports Management
Toby Bothwell Men’s Track/XC Physics
Lane Boyer Men’s Track/XC Geology
Tyler Bradley Men’s Track/XC Finance
Rachel Carpino Women’s Track/XC Arts and Sciences
Allie Chandler Soccer Communication Disorders
Katelin Cherry Women’s Track/XC Biological Engineering
Austin Cook Men’s Golf Arts and Sciences
Tara Diebold Women’s Track/XC Communication Disorders
Joseph Doramus Men’s Golf Finance
Brede Ellingsen Men’s Track/XC Arts and Sciences
Camille Flores Soccer Journalism
Nathanael Franks Men’s Track/XC Physics
Jayme Gee Softball Kinesiology
Scott Gillespie Men’s Track/XC Marketing
Sarah Howard SW/DV Journalism
Megan Jackson Women’s Track/XC Kinesiology
Paige Johnston Women’s Track/XC Social Work
Luke Laird Men’s Track/XC Horticulture
Ashley Largo SW/DV Communication
Lauren Locklear Soccer Arts and Sciences
Lisa Lunkenheimer SW/DV Kinesiology
James McCann Baseball Communication
Hope McLemore Softball Human Environmental Science
Beth McVean Soccer Kinesiology
Ashley Martindale Softball Kinesiology
Danielle Nowell Women’s Track/XC Health Science
Kelly O’Connor Soccer International Relations
Evan Palmer Soccer International Relations
Corinna Rees Women’s Golf Political Science
Mackenzie Rhea Volleyball Biology
Genny Salvatore Gymnastics Art
Michelle Stout Gymnastics Sports Management
Tina Sutej Women’s Track/XC Biology
Anouk Tigu Women’s Tennis Marketing
Erica Totten SW/DV Journalism
Rachel Werner Women’s Track/XC Kinesiology
Keri Wood Women’s Track/XC Marketing

3.50-3.99 Athletic Director’s List

Amanda Anderson Volleyball Kinesiology
Seth Armbrust Football Kinesiology
Barrett Astin Baseball Criminal Justice
Nii Ayi Men’s Track/XC Political Science
Gina Bargiachi SW/DV Art
Jake Bequette Football Sports Management
Natalie Bohonsky Gymnastics Journalism
Martine Borge Women’s Track/XC Business
Dylan Breeding Football Marketing
Brian Buehner Football Transportation
Emily Carbone Women’s Tennis Psychology
Morgan Clark Softball Math
Cassie Clarke Volleyball Kinesiology
Geoffrey Davenport Baseball Accounting
Margo Davis Soccer Arts and Sciences
Cameron Efurd Men’s Track/XC Arts and Sciences
Rick Elliott Men’s Track/XC Kinesiology
Josh Eure Men’s Golf Business
Hall Fess Men’s Tennis Business
Maddie Fogel SW/DV Political Science
Jade Frampton Women’s Tennis Journalism
Jennifer Fryrear Soccer Math
Amanda Geile Softball Childhood Education
Kristen Gillespie Women’s Track/XC Nutrition
Jessie Givens Soccer Childhood Education
Taylor Green Soccer Kinesiology
Zack Hall Baseball Transportation
Aaron Hamilton Men’s Track/XC Criminal Justice
Lyndsay Harris Women’s Basketball Criminal Justice
Kikko Haydar Men’s Basketball Arts and Sciences
Brandon Heeger Men’s Track/XC Kinesiology
Aubrey Hertzler SW/DV Finance
Price Holmes Football Kinesiology
Brittany Hudson Soccer Biology
Kim Jones Softball Sports Management
Julie Inman Women’s Basketball Biology
Lauren Kegley Women’s Track/XC Electrical Engineering
Ivy Kemp Women’s Track/XC Accounting
Linnea Ketcher Softball Arts and Sciences
Noah Kittelson Men’s Track/XC Biology
Julia Kucherich SW/DV Kinesiology
Collin Kuhn Baseball Kinesiology
Kevin Lazas Men’s Track/XC Economics
Kelci Lewis Gymnastics Kinesiology
Jamie Marks SW/DV Journalism
William Meason Men’s Golf Business
Alicia Meinz SW/DV International Relations
Carly Mercer SW/DV Journalism
Molly Milborn SW/DV Nursing
Jacob Morris Baseball Communication
Tori Mort Softball Sport Management
Erin Moskos Soccer Kinesiology
Kesha Naylor SW/DV Kinesiology
Erin Neumann SW/DV Communication Disorders
Courtney O’ Grady SW/DV Finance
Clarissa Pavey Volleyball Childhood Education
Amee Penã SW/DV Engineering
Jeff Peterson Men’s Basketball Marketing
Jaime Pisani Gymnastics Kinesiology
Diane Robison Women’s Track/XC Arts and Sciences
Jessica Robison Softball Kinesiology
Alex Roman SW/DV Spanish
Ben Skidmore Men’s Track/XC Chemistry
Haley Smith SW/DV Kinesiology
Stuart Sparks Men’s Track/XC Economics
Valentina Starkova Women’s Tennis Kinesiology
Alex Starrett Soccer Art
Kelsey Sundaram Women’s Tennis Animal Science
Sigrun Sverrisdottir SW/DV Chemistry
Chelsea Tidwell Soccer Nutrition
Pierce Trumper Baseball Sports Management
Brea Van De Pol Softball Kinesiology
Kelsea Vance SW/DV Biology
Emily Tubert Women’s Golf Kinesiology
Kevin Vanden Heuvel Men’s Golf Sports Management
Victoria Vela Women’s Golf Business
Miranda Walker Women’s Track/XC Psychology
Lindsey Wells Softball Marketing
Brett Wilburn Baseball Accounting
Britni Williams Soccer Criminal Justice
Kendal Winston Soccer Communication

3.00-3.49 Razorback Honor Roll

Makeba Alcide Women’s Track/XC Kinesiology
Kelsey Allison Soccer Human Environmental Science
Kyle Atkins Baseball Communication Disorders
Sam Bates Baseball Sports Management
Phoebe Bautista Volleyball Criminal Justice
D.J. Baxendale Baseball Journalism
Bo Bigham Baseball Journalism
Samantha Bolton Soccer Nursing
Amy Borsellino Gymnastics Kinesiology
Liz Braun SW/DV Psychology
Courtney Breault Softball Sport Management
Nick Brewer Football Marketing
Stephanie Brewer Softball Health Science
Sierra Bronkey Softball Kinesiology
Franco Broyles Baseball Sports Management
Liana Bugslag SW/DV Journalism
Alex Cacciarelli Football Architecture
Dustin Cain Football Marketing
Amanda Caldwell Softball International Business
Sebastian Cappelen Men’s Golf Economics
Rebecca Carden Softball Kinesiology
Rachel Carpenter Women’s Golf International Relations
Tim Carver Baseball Kinesiology
Thomas Cattin-Masson Men’s Track/XC Mechanical Engineering
Westin Cox Football Agricultural Business
Trent Daniel Baseball Kinesiology
Yvonne Desjarlais Soccer Business
Eric Fernandez Men’s Track/XC History
Eric Fisher Baseball Engineering
Chelsea Franklin SW/DV Chemistry
Brooke Fournier Volleyball Business
Brittany Griffiths Softball Kinesiology
Lauren Hallauer Soccer Kinesiology
Ben Hays Baseball Communications
Bret Harris Football Kinesiology
Kelsey Hatcher Women’s Basketball Communications
Anna Heintz Soccer Engineering
Kirstie Hesseltine Women’s Track/XC Childhood Education
Justin Holmes Men’s Track/XC Middle Eastern Studies
Mariah Howdeshell Gymnastics Sports Management
David Hurd Football Biology
Tiffanie Johnson Women’s Track/XC Criminal Justice
Kristen Keith SW/DV, Women’s Track/XC Journalism
Cory Kocurek Men’s Track/XC Art
Hayley Koop Volleyball Business
Bethany Labac Soccer Arts and Sciences
Greg Lehmann Men’s Tennis Business
Morgan Linton Football Agricultural Business
Kate Lukomskaya Women’s Tennis Art
Natanya Luther Women’s Track/XC Civil Engineering
Meg McGuirt Softball Nursing
Jarrod McKinney Baseball Kinesiology
Nicole Menzel SW/DV Marketing
Brandon Moore Baseball Kinesiology
Layne Nixon Men’s Track/XC Kinesiology
Chris Nott Men’s Tennis International Business
Michael Nott Men’s Tennis Business
Daniella O’Shea Soccer Communication
Leah Orley Women’s Track/XC Child Development
Laurel Pastor Soccer Nutrition
William Pearson Men’s Golf Business
Andrew Pennington Men’s Track/XC Art
Tobias Pettersson Men’s Golf Marketing
Duncan Phillips Men’s Track/XC History
Emily Podzielinski Women’s Golf Sports Management
Caroline Powell Women’s Basketball Biological Engineering
Jennifer Rambo Softball Nursing
Brittney Richardson Women’s Basketball Kinesiology
Stephanie Roy Women’s Tennis Accounting
Shelby Salmon Gymnastics Kinesiology
Nolan Sanburn Baseball Sports Management
Michael Sanchez Men’s Basketball Marketing
Rickey Scott Men’s Basketball Arts and Sciences
Jillienne Schilling SW/DV Communication Disorders
Ryne Stanek Baseball Sports Management
Kelli Stipanovich Volleyball Communication Disorders
Alex Sutton SW/DV Business
Austin Tate Football Agricultural Business
Austin Tucker Football Kinesiology
Garrett Uekman Football Kinesiology
Matt Vinson Baseball Communication
Michael Ward Men’s Tennis Sports Management
Sarah Watkins Women’s Basketball Kinesiology
Megan Weller Women’s Track/XC Health Science
Amanda Westbrook Women’s Basketball Kinesiology
Elizabeth Whitbeck SW/DV Journalism
Ashlea Williams Women’s Basketball Biology
Nikolas Zogaj Men’s Tennis Finance
Bailee Zumwalde Gymnastics Kinesiology

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