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From the Desk of Coach Henderson

From the Desk of Coach Henderson

In the spirit of this election year, I offer you; Arkansas Soccer – State of the Union……
As our 2008 season has just come a close, I thought I’d spend a few minutes to reflect the status of our soccer program.
We finished the year at 11-8-0 and 9th in the SEC. Our conference remains one of the top conferences in the nation with tremendous parity. To illustrate that point, we were only one win away from going to the SEC tournament and our SEC final was between the number four and number six seed! We sent six teams to the NCAA tournament which was the second highest of any conference (ACC sent a record 8 teams). 
As a coach, you are always disappointed when some goals are not reached, however stepping back and looking at the big picture, I have found a great deal I am happy with in the context of program growth over the last three years;

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