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Getting to know Kelli Shean

Getting to know Kelli Shean

Getting to know Kelli SheanWhat are your twofavorite golf shots?-Challenging shots – ones with risk and reward-3-wood off the tee-Pitching wedge-I don’t favor a shot as much as I used to but I enjoy challenging ones most often

What are your three favorite holes at Blessings?-#3, #15, and #16

What are your three favorite classes at the University?-Human Capital-Leadership-Phychology

What are your three favorite foods?-Pasta-Steak-Spinach artichoke dip

List some things you like about campus.-People-Small town that is focused on the U of A-There is room to grow

What are some things you have learned about your teammates?-They are more amazing the more you know them. My teammates experience what I do and challenge me to be better. They are fun to be around.

Some of my favorite golf memories include:-Winning the World Amateur, U.S. Open and being first at an LPGA event last year-Playing with my day, Gary and Chan in the summer

If I wasn’t playing golf, I would……Doing a lot more volunteering and striving to make differences in other peoples lives

I am majoring in…Human Resource Management

My plans after graduation include: I want to turn pro, make a difference and become closer to my faith and always remember what’s important in life.

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