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Getting to know Rachel Carpenter

Getting to know Rachel Carpenter

Getting to know Rachel CarpenterWhat are your three favorite golf shots?-Uphill, greenside bunker shot-High, five-yard fade-Straight, knockdown into the wind

What are your three favorite holes at Blessings?-#3, #4, and #17

What are your three favorite classes at the University?-Intro to International Relations-History to 1877-Diversity in the Workplace

What are your three favorite foods?-Filet Mignon-Caesar Salad-Green Beans

List some things you like about campus.-Beautiful campus-Great facilities

What are some things you have learned about your teammates?-They are loving people who are hard-workers. They are like my sisters.

Some of my favorite golf memories include:-2004 U.S. Girls Junior when my brother caddied for me-Shooting 31 on the back nine in qualifying at the Blessings last year-Shooting a 68 at the Sally Amateur in 2009

If I wasn’t playing golf, I would…… an Air Force pilot

I am majoring in…..International relations

My plans after graduation include: graduate school and turning professional

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