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The Student-Athlete Anthem


This weekend, a total of 36 current and former Razorback student-athletes will earn their spot on Senior Walk as graduates of the University of Arkansas. Fall commencement ceremonies are set for Bud Walton Arena on Saturday morning.

Last week, Razorback Athletics celebrated its fall graduates in reception at the Jerry and Gene Jones Family Student-Athlete Success Center. As part of the festivities, senior volleyball student-athlete Kori Ortiz shared some words of wisdom with her fellow Razorback graduates through an original poem she penned for the occasion.

Below are the words Ortiz shared with her fellow graduates about their journey as Razorback student-athletes on the road to graduation.

Written by Kori Ortiz

It has been said before to chase things of value
and things worth much.
Money, cars and clothes,
things of that such.

Society says in order to be happy
you must be in good wealth.
In order to be happy,
work from nine to five, regardless of your health.

Here in Fayetteville, Arkansas
I can say this place is unique,
and as time passed
I learned something new each week.

I learned that the Hog is special
and the logo never comes off.
I’ve learned that 6 a.m. workouts
can be a little rough.

I learned that balancing school,
grades and a social life can be a little hectic.
But for a college student-athlete,
this routine is embraced and accepted.

I’ve learned that you will make mistakes
and will learn to respond.
You will have teammates,
brothers or sisters,
who will create a special bond.

I have learned that times will get tough
and you will feel alone,
but know people will help you along the way.
This is something you can atone.

Surround yourself with others,
who want you to succeed.
They will bring out the best in you,
they see something in you, something you never knew you could be.

So as our time here at Arkansas,
is coming to a close,
there are a few things
I think you should know.

You have been equipped
with the tools to help you succeed
because here at the University of Arkansas
We are a different breed.

We take tasks head on
and know what success takes.
Success takes time and patience,
in every situation, we know what’s at stake.

So I just wanted to say
for those student-athletes in the room:
I want you to know,
that after athletics, our lives must resume.

But know you are prepared
because you are a Razorback.
Tenacity, passion and hard work
is something you will never lack.

I know you all will be successful
in whatever you do,
because the Hog tradition and spirit
will never leave you.