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Gym’Backs rock intrasquad

Gym’Backs rock intrasquad

Gym’Back Intra Squad Report September 23, 2008 The Gym’Back’s participated in their first intra-squad of the 2008-2009 season on the second day of official workout. The team was given goals for the event at the start of the school year. Here is a short list of the goals for the intra-squad. Vault:

competition vault onto mats in the pit Bars:

routine without mount and dismount Beam:

skill routine Floor:

routine with first and second passes
Highlights: Vault Vaulting was one of the teams’ strongest events in the intra-squad. Five athletes competed their competition vaults: Alex LaChance, Sarah Nagashima, Michelle Stout, Casey Jo Magee, and Jaime Pisani. They all have already moved to the resi pit with a mat landing surface. In future intra-squads the team will look to Mariah Howdeshell, Molly Lewis, and Genny Salvatore to round out the vaulting line-up.
Bars Bars is the event where the most changes in routine composition have been made therefore fewer girls were ready to compete. However freshman Genny Salvatore has been the biggest highlight on this event thus far. She has already increased her difficulty and is one of the most consistent gymnasts on the event. Casey Jo Magee, Michelle Stout, and Sarah Nagashima performed well-executed routines and are ready to start adding the dismount. In future intra-squads look for Jaime Pisani and Mariah Howdeshell to make an impact. Bars is truly one of their strongest events.
Beam Beam featured a full line-up of six gymnasts performing full skill routines. The biggest change on this event is Stacy Bartlett’s routine. Her difficulty and artistry really set her apart. Casey Jo Magee is steady as always with a jammed pack routine. Alex LaChance and Sarah Nagishma also look impressive in preseason thus far.
Floor Floor is usually the last event to come together in preseason. However, we had 7 Gym’Backs able to perform both first and second passes in their routines. Molly Lewis, after a two-year recovery from shoulder surgery, looks to be a mainstay in the floor lineup. Her progress has been exciting for the entire team. Freshman Jaime Pisani will be one of the standouts on floor for the Gym’Backs this upcoming year. Everyone has upgraded their tumbling and we are putting final touches on new floor routines.
Other News The Gym’Backs look forward to the return of Junior Amy DeFilippo. Amy has been recovering from mono. Amy has been a consistent contributor on beam and bars in her first two seasons. The next intra-squad will be held October 21. Full routines will be performed on every event. GYMBACKS ROCK!

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