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Gymnastics He Said She Said

Gymnastics He Said She Said

He Said, She Said

He Said, She Said is a continuing diary from the Coaches Cook. Find out what’s going on with the team on an ongoing basis. August 24th EntrySeptember 27th EntryNovember 2nd Entry December 1st EntryJanuary 5th EntryJanuary 10th EntryJanuary 16th EntryJanuary 23rdEntryFebruary 6, 2005 Rene’s thoughts on the last two weeks.

Screaming Fans!!!

We’ve had two meets since Mark or myself have written a He Said, She Said column. Boy have those two weeks been exciting! The home meet against Georgia, and this past week down in Baton Rouge against LSU have shown the coaching staff the true character of this team. They are a special group of young women.Neither meet has been flawless, we’ve had quite a few mistakes on every event. However, the team has worked hard at all times and have really stepped up. Someone misses, someone else has an amazing routine. Someone isa little off, but works hard to keep going and do it well. No meet is the same as another, no situation is ever the same. However, if we can keep focused on our process and work hard throughout each routine, the outcomes will take care of themselves. The best part is that we’ve done it together. There are no standouts, everyone carries their own weight, everyone is as important as their teammate next to them.

Mel and Cassie, great masks!!!

In our third season, we are learning how to believe in our ability, how to really be ‘good’. It’s tough to compete the schedule we have. Every team is great, and we have to be ready every week. But as we tell them, this is why we train, to be ready for every challenge we face.The biggest factor of our team is that we have fun! Honestly, among the stress and expectations, we are having a really great time. Some of it’s organized to develop team bonding/chemistry, but most of it is just-us. We do some silly team activities. Some may wonder why (like Jen our trainer!). However, it brings us all together, gives us a focus besides the outcome of the meet, and it keeps us a little more lighthearted.This past week we did a Gym’Back (Mardi) Gras Parade. If you read Audra’s journal you’ll hear a bit more, but it was completely silly but completely fun. Mark and I wore Screaming Fan Masks, I couldn’t stop laughing everytime I looked at the crazy things! I was really impressed with everyone’s creativity. It always warms my heart to see how enthusiastic the activity becomes, the fact everyone is willing to do things completely silly show the love we all have for each other and the program.We have a big week ahead of us.We are so excited to head out to Seattle, old stomping grounds for the entire coaching staff. Wewill have a decent crowd there, Katie’s family is from the Northwest!In all seriousness, this a great opportunityfor us. To go to theWestCoast and get to show our stuff! Another great challenge!We are the Gym’Backs….Dedicated, we will succeed!!! Woo…Pig…Sooie!!!

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