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Gymnastics He Said She Said

Gymnastics He Said She Said

He Said, She Said

He Said, She Said is a continuing diary from the Coaches Cook. Find out what’s going on with the team on an ongoing basis.Oct. 14, 2005 – The season begins

As another year begins, another chapter in the University of Arkansas Women’s Gymnastics Program unveils. We now enter the fourth year of competition and have our first senior class.Like all teams, our major focus this year will be to make Nationals. We are committed to leaving no stone unturned as we find a way to get it done. True to every pre-season and every program, we struggle with the same aches and pains. However, we must accept the challenge, and look back with no regrets. Our girls are working really hard to make history! We are no longer a “new” program, and the overall maturity of the team is beginning to show. No matter how we do this year, our seniors must realize they leave behind a legacy that will shine for years to come.We have worked very hard to strengthen our weaknesses in the off season. Vaulting, which has been our weakest event, appears to look much stronger at this point. Several athletes have upgraded their vaults from last year, and two of our incoming freshmen will perform 10.0 vaults. Fans will also notice changes in routines to satisfy the requirements of the new Junior Olympic Code of Points.It is such a joy to coach in this great facility of ours. The girls can work a large variety of skills, with various progressions, and do it in a safe environment. It is motivating to work different and new skills rather than just maintaining status quo. Hopefully, with our hard work and improved execution we can pull off some unexpected wins this season.Lastly, recruiting went very well this year, and we look to the future with much enthusiasm.We are ready for the challenge, and wish every team much success and good health this year. GO GYMBACKS!!

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