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Gymnastics He Said She Said

Gymnastics He Said She Said

He Said, She Said
He Said, She Said is a continuing diary from the Coaches Cook. Find out what’s going on with the team on an ongoing basis. August 24th Entry

Grilling Before the Alabama Game!

September 27, 2004My favorite time of year has arrived! Fall is the most beautiful time of year here in Fayetteville. With cool temperatures in the morning, warming up into the 80’s in the afternoon. This reminds me of California weather-my original home state. The trees will soon begin to turn reds, oranges, and yellow prior to winter setting in. The team has been working really hard this pre-season, and our strength conditioning program is beginning to show. Besides working hard, we and our team have had some time for fun and relaxation as well. I just bought myself a Kayak so that I can head over to the Mulberry River once in a while. Audra went camping last weekend up at Beaver Lake, and Cassie went to a car demolition derby last weekend-quite a variety of activities….I think Sam has just been shopping a lot-ha, ha… I’m anxious for official workouts to start this week. I think our fans will be pleasantly surprised with our continued improvement this year. I’m attending a presentation today from a Dartfish representative. Our new men’s strength complex will be completely wired with the new technology. I also plan on adding this system to our training facility for skill analysis and skill acquisition. Everyday I have to pinch myself when I go to work, appreciating the amazing gym we have built and how easy it is to coach within. Rose is fitting in great as our new assistant, and Elizabeth Jillson (former Oregon State gymnast) is doing awesome with Gymnastics Operations. We are looking forward to a successful and funfilled year! Go Gym’Backs! Mark Cook

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