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Gymnastics He Said She Said

Gymnastics He Said She Said

He Said, She Said
He Said, She Said is a continuing diary from the Coaches Cook. Find out what’s going on with the team on an ongoing basis.
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Receiving Hall of Fame Award

November 2nd

Where has the time gone! We are already about halfway through preseason, it’s amazing how fast time flies. October is one of the busiest months of the year, and this past October has been no different!

Training becomes a bit harder. Putting routines together is never easy, but this is where you can really see all the strength and conditioning begin to pay off. The team is at a great spot for the end of the month. We have several girls able to make full bar routines, beam routines, and floorroutines! All of Rose’s conditioning on floor is really paying off!

Not only are the routines coming together, the difficulty continues to improve. New releases on bars and some added depth will again, make that event one of the team’s strongest. Beam has also improved as well with some added depth. Floor is continuing to improve. Almost everyone hasupgraded at least one pass from last year. Vault continues to be our weakest event, mostly lacking in depth. The vaults we have are great! We even will have a few surprises, right Mel?!

We have been busy, out and about in the community this month. It’s always fun to be involved in activities that directly affect the youth of the community. Our team’s enthusiasm for these events always inspires me!

School’s been busy, but everyone seems on track, just a few stressed out Gym’Backs! Everyone is working hard and focused to do the best she can do!

We voted for captains on Election Day. There was a little campaigning going on here in the gym. Everyone has done a great job thus far during the pre-season; but congrats to Hannah and Dana!The month of November is starting off well! We are all excited to have the TJ Maxx tour coming to Barnhill Arena, home of the Gym’Backs. The excitement in the community for gymnastics is something special! Thanks to all our supporters!WE ARE THE GYM’BACKS!…DEDICATE, WE WILL SUCCEED!

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