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Happy Holidays from the Hog Hoopsters

Happy Holidays from the Hog Hoopsters

For Christmas I plan on spending my entire break with my family. In the Townsend household Christmas is the most important and special holiday. I enjoy all of the family time we spend together. Whether it’s delivering gifts to the neighbors, starting to cook on Christmas Eve, or listening to "Motown Christmas", it’s a good time. I enjoy every bit of it with my family.

On Christmas day it gets even better! Christmas shopping is done the day after Thanksgiving between that time and Christmas day we have to a tremendous job of hiding the gifts from each other but we usually fail at that task. We all find some way, shape or form of being sneaky and finding the gifts long before Christmas, but when we receive them we are still joyous and thankful. I’m so blessed and very thankful to be in such a great family. I can’t wait for Christmas!

Jamesha Townsend

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