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Help the Gym’Backs with Spirit Day

Help the Gym’Backs with Spirit Day

We’ve got spirit, yes we do. We’ve got spirit, how ’bout you?

The 2008 gymnastics season is just around the corner and the Arkansas Gym’Backs are hard at work preparing. But they need your help.

Workouts are long and the preseason seems endless. To break up the monotony, the team has weekly "Spirit Days" on several Fridays of each month.

This year, the Gym’Backs invite you, the fans, to get involved. Help the Gym’Backs decide what their next spirit day will be by voting on the poll question on the right of this page.

Votes will be counted and a story will post on LADYBACKS.COM revealing what kind of Spirit Day you, the fans, have chosen. Return to LADYBACKS.COM on Friday or Saturday and see a photo of the team dressed for the day.

Don’t wait another minute! Vote now. The deadline is Wednesday, Oct. 3rd. That will give us some time to tabulate the votes and get ready for Friday.

This month’s choices are:

1. Barbie Day

2. 80s Day

3. Celebrity Look-a-Like Day

4. Superhero Day

5. Favorite City Day

Vote for your choice and return to LADYBACKS.COM to see how each Gym’Back (and their coaches) interpret the day through their workout gear.

Got an idea for your own spirit day? Send it to us today!

Go Hogs! (the team is celebrating "Rainbow Day" in the photo)

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