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High Hoops: Women’s Basketball Blog

High Hoops: Women’s Basketball Blog

Nov. 4 || Nov. 12 || Nov. 20 || Nov. 29

Women’s basketball season has begun and we’re glad you’re joining us.

The Razorback women’s basketball team is on a roll. Check out this story highlighting the team’s win over No. 12 Oklahoma Sunday in Bud Walton Arena. Click here to read more.

When the season began, the forcast for the Razorbacks was mixed. Read this story about what some were saying about the Razorbacks before the first ball tipped.

Arkansas breaks from play for the holiday season this week. All of us involved with the women’s basketball program wish your family a happy and safe holiday. As we prepare to spend some time with family and friends, here’s a look at some of the team’s holiday favorites:

What is your favorite holiday tradition?Lyndsay Harris — Decorating the treeYashira Delgado — Christmas paradesSkye Rees — Having BBQChristassia Walter — Making Christmas dinner with my maErin Gatling — Going to the Christmas Eve service at my church with my familyKeira Peak — Getting together with familyAmanda Westbrook — opening one present on Christmas EveAshlea Williams — Eating and playing games with my siblingsAshley Daniels — Putting up the Christmas tree with my familySarah Watkins — Getting together with familyKelsey Hatcher — Each year my family goes and cuts down our own Christmas treeJamesha Townsend — Delivering presents to all of our neighborsCaroline Powell — Decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving DayJulie Inman — Making Christmas cookies on Christmas EveC’eira Ricketts — The food and my granny dancing
Which do you prefer on Christmas? Ham or TurkeyLyndsay Harris — Both!Yashira Delgado — TurkeySkye Rees — TurkeyChristassia Walter — HamErin Gatling — Turkey, but ham on ChristmasKeira Peak — HamAmanda Westbrook — TurkeyAshlea Williams — TurkeyAshley Daniels — HamSarah Watkins — HamKelsey Hatcher — TurkeyJamesha Townsend — TurkeyCaroline Powell — Peppered Ham — if it’s not peppered then turkeyJulie Inman — TurkeyC’eira Ricketts — Ham
What do you want for Christmas this year?Lyndsay Harris — MoneyYashira Delgado — Jordan Cool GreysSkye Rees — Nothing in particularChristassia Walter — To beat OUErin Gatling — Nothing reallyKeira Peak — To be home with my familyAmanda Westbrook — To be home with my familyAshlea Williams — A car lolAshley Daniels — A happy Christmas day with my familySarah Watkins — TomsKelsey Hatcher — I just want little things and some clothesJamesha Townsend — Some Heels!!Caroline Powell — A new phoneJulie Inman — MoneyC’eira Ricketts — To be home with family

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