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Hinshaw enjoys first SEC experience

Hinshaw enjoys first SEC experience

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Great playing by the team in Nashville gave us a huge boost of confidence for the new year. Next on the schedule was the Lady Razorback Invitational and the team was excited to bring in a win and regain power of our home turf. With a few weeks to practice after Nashville, the comforts of sleeping in our own beds, having our families with us, and a home course advantage, it was time to see what we could do. Qualifying was done, and a slightly different line up from before, the top five set out to bring in a team win. We who were competing as individuals set out to see what we could do. The top five started the tournament off with determination setting a seven shot lead and bettering the team score each day. The girls played great. They went out from the beginning and showed the field just who the Lady Razorbacks really were and finished with a most impressive record breaking team three under par on the last day to bring in a win. Individually it was a tight and exciting race to the end. Four out of the top five finishers were Lady’Backs! I had an idea towards the end that I had a chance to win, but I knew teammates Stacy, Courtney, and Amanda all were in range and each a force to be reckoned with. After a wonderful day playing with friend and teammate Lucy and a hug from Shauna let me know that I had done it. I was overly thrilled to win my first collegiate tournament, but it was made even more special being able to win at home with the support of my coaches, teammates, and my mom who came for that week. The week was not only great on the course but off as well. Numerous times, usually after the day at the course, the girls and their families would get together, meet for some food and spend time making conversations that often ended with lots lot laughs. We are always together having some sort of fun. Our team is one big family. That’s what makes it special here; it is a home away from home. We are always here for one another through the good times and the bad. That particular week, it was good not only for my success, but for the team as a whole. That week was is the best week I have ever had in my college career, my first win with the presence of my Arkansas family and my mom who nervously watched all week. The only thing missing was my dad, but he was nervously watching the live scoring on golf stat and was only a phone call away. Dad this win was for you! There is one fact that we can leave this with; the Lady’Back Golf Team is not nine individual players and two coaches, but one team that can go all the way.


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