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Hogs Insider With Chuck Barrett

Hogs Insider With Chuck Barrett

There’s reason to believe across the Razorback Nation today. The Hogs are getting better, and it showed Saturday night against Texas A&M. Say what you want about this team, but they will compete. And if they’ll follow the path they took last week, there’s going to an opportunity to win a lot of football games in the not too distant future.

Brandon Allen gave the Hogs a fighting chance. Without his 282 yards passing and three touchdowns, the Razorbacks wouldn’t have been able to stay in the game. Allen’s a keeper, and we now know the undisputed leader of this team.

It’s obvious this team is well coached. That’s the overwhelming sense I get every time I watch them practice or play. They enjoy this staff and playing football together. What we witnessed Saturday night is a far cry from what we saw a year ago in College Station. That team never thought it had a chance. This team believes it can win, and for four quarters stood toe to toe with a top-10 foe.

Simply put, Johnny Manziel is unstoppable. His competitive spirit and mind boggling talent fuel a team that came into the SEC ready to compete and win against the nation’s elite. Yeah, he’s cocky. But he backs it up, and that’s to be respected. Arkansas’ defense played hard and did a lot of really good things, but like every other unit Manziel has faced, they were unable to rattle the reigning Heisman Trophy winner or shake his poise. There’s no shame in that, and the numbers will get better as they move forward.

And finally, what a great crowd! They literally weathered the storm during the afternoon, and withstood more rain during the game. It was loud. It was rowdy. And it was a true home field advantage.

With respect to those who loathe moral victories, there is a lot to feel good about today. The Gators better be ready. The Razorbacks are coming to town, and it’s going to be a four-quarter battle.

Go Hogs!

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